Wednesday, 29 July 2009

G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra press conference in Seoul

Sweet! Gorgeous fashionista & Korean hunk
at the G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra press con

It's time to celebrate! Yet another Korean star is in a Hollywood movie production, and the cast heads over to Seoul to promote the movie.

This time, Lee Byung Hun brings the G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra cast to Seoul for a press conference, and other promo activities. Director Stephen Sommers (The Mummy), producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura and actors Channing Tatum and Sienna Miller were there to meet the Korean press at Shilla Hotel.

Sienna Miller, ever the fashion icon, looked gorgeous at the press conference. She wore a yellow and black patterned short dress and teamed it with black leggings and high heeled boots. Her hair was a shimmering gold which cascaded over her shoulders and her skin was glowing and flawless!

Where-ever Sienna goes, she steps out in style

Sienna Miller & Lee Byung Hun.
Now, don't you think they would make a cute couple!

I'm so happy to see Byung-hun Lee listed as the fourth name in the actors credit list on IMDB. He's right up there on top. Korean hunk Lee Byung Hun plays Storm Shadow in the movie. I hear he wears a white leather suit complete with mask mostly throughout the movie. But who cares...i can't wait to see Byung Hun in action in the movie that a reporter who attended the Tokyo premiere said..."is like Transformers, explosive, noisy, but without the giant robots."

G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra will be in cinemas on 7 August 2009 in Malaysia.

G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra director Stephen Sommers,
producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura and
actors Channing Tatum,
Sienna Miller & Byung-hun Lee at the Seoul press conference.

Source: Newsen


Anonymous said...

Hi Orchid, thanks for the latest update related to Lee Byunghun. It's really cool to see Kpopped keeping up with the actor's new movie.

Btw, Storm Shadow isn't going to be masked full-time in the movie. LBH will have scenes without the mask, although the white suit & mask are his main costume for the posters. Most importantly around the ending.. the final fighting scene of him and Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow will be unmasked and topless. No kidding! ^^

Anonymous said...

Sienna looks stunning as always, and Lee Byung Hun looks very very dashing X) Channing Tattum got a little chubby though :(
Can't wait to see the movieeeee!! XD

Serene said...

Does anyone else think that the hair and the smile he wears in the first pic resembles Rain's?

Orchid said...'re beginning to "see Rain" in every Korean hunk now? hahaha...kidding...

I don't see it in the smile. As for hair, Korean men really follow the trends. When it was bowl cut season, everyone had the bowl cut. Now, i think it's sort of a ruffled look. Not quite as curly as Gu Jun Pyo (because THAT'S just to difficult to carry off) so they put in slight curls.

@pandahunnie Oh...i really wanna see the movie now. Mask-less & topless....

Ayumi said...

4 episodes regarding the press conference ^^:

1. LBH's 'nickname' among the actors and staffs of GI Joe -

"Beautiful Man"

2. The director (who also directed 'Mummy') and the producer (who also produced 'Transformers')
were so shocked
when thousands of fans were following LBH around when they visited Japan several days ago
that they teased him as "Elvis Presley"

3. When Steven Spillberg previewed G.I. Joe, he showed a lot of interest to LBH and asked the director many Qs about him.

4. Sienna and Tatum both are eager to be starring in Kim Ji-Woon's film some time.

They turned out to be the cult followers of KJW who directed "Bitter Sweet Life" (where Lee Byung-hun starred), "A Tale of Two Sisters" and "The Good, da Bad, and da Weird."

5. The director said at the press conference that
he wanted LBH to appear in the sequels (GI Joe 2 & 3), too.

Isn't Storm Shadow a villain?

I'm personally more interested in seeing LBH in "I come with the rain" where he STARs together with "Josh Hartnett." :-)
But will definitely catch "G. I. Joe" when it's released on the 5th.

Ayumi said...

Oh, and Sienna looked VERY smitten with Lee Byung Hun;
according to her, he is extremely handsome, charismatic & smart and has lots of humor sense.

They used to hang out a lot while they were filming.

SIENNA, hands off! Jap women will not leave you alone if you hit on him all the time:))

Japan said...

They are using 13 leather clad babes to promote JI Goe in Japan

Serene said...

@ Orchid

= )


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