Thursday, 30 July 2009

Han Ji Hye at Bobbi Brown launch

A very tanned Han Ji Hye wearing Bobbi Brown make-up

Who loves Bobbi Brown cosmetics? I do! Do you?

Bobbi Brown is pretty popular in South Korea too. The cosmetics brand just launched its cleansing oil and here are the Korean stars who came to grace their event.

Also there was Park Su Jin (Boys Over Flowers)

...and Amy

Source : Newsen


|| Lyññ || said...

Ooooo... I love Bobbi Brown!! Unfortunately for my wallet, it seriously seriously despise it... hahahaha... BUT thankfully my Bobbi Brown cosmetics were given to me... yey!

Ooo... Han Ji Hye is looking really tanned... =)

Ki said...

Lol, for some reason, Su Jin reminded me of So Hee (WG), while this Amy reminded me of Kangin (SuJu) and then Hong Ki (FTI).. :)

miss_tree said...

i thought Amy looks like Lee Seunggi [1night2days/brilliant legacy]!! lol

k9vc said...

Does Han Ji-hye get nosebleeds from the thin air up on high-heels like that?

Vic in Long Beach, CA


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