Friday, 17 July 2009

Hyun Bin reveals beauty secrets in Cosmopolitan a hot tub

I can barely breathe...Hyun Bin looks mega-hot in these pictures for the August 2009 issue of Korea's Cosmopolitan magazine.

In the magazine, the Friend, Our Legend actor talks about his beauty secrets. Although Hyun Bin plays a tough guy in Friend, he has crystal clear complexion. (He's also the spokesperson for Laneige Homme). What's his secret? "Cleansing my skin before sleeping, even after a busy day. Cleansing, that's my secret."

Okay, now that isn't really revealing much. But we do love those pics that come with the article.

Hyun Bin has been an actor for the past seven years and some of his most popular dramas are My Name Is Kim Sam-soon, Snow Queen and The World We Live In.

...wearing Calvin Klein

Source: Newsen

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Rooster said...


The new KSW.

starsinmybelly said...

thanks for the eye candy...the first pic is my new ipod wallpaper ^-^

btw, love the new summer header! adorable!

Wawa said...

ahhhhh~~~~ *drooling*
miss him so much... and he looks so hot in both pictures

Anonymous said...

he bathes with his clothes ON?? Isn't that sort of counter-productive?

GorgeousLiv said...




Love it!!


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