Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Kang Ji Hwan's activities in Japan

Kang Ji Hwan visits his fans in Japan

Kang Ji Hwan is having a whirlwind of activities in Japan. Earlier this month, Kang held a fan meeting in Kobe where 8,000 fans turned up. From these pics, it also looks like the had other fan meetings and promotional interviews in Japan.

There is also talk of Kang releasing a DVD of daily life in Tokyo. In January this year, he spent one month in an apartment in Tokyo, living an ordinary life. You will see him in the apartment, riding a bike in his neighbourhood...y'know, just doing what normal people do.

The working title for the DVD is Kang Ji Hwan's One Day, Somewhere...

Kang Ji Hwan was recently in the movie 7th Grade Civil Servant with Kim Ha-neul.

More awesome pics after the jump...

Interview with the Japanese press

Before going on stage at one of the fan meetings

Working up the fans

What did you say? You love me?

Awww...Mr Kang Ji Hwan, please don't go!

Dead tired...

On the road again

Pics credit: 10asia.co.kr

Source: 10asia.co.kr, Newsen


kaciemom said...

cute - really cute

Serene said...

His smile never fails to disarm me.

Loved him most in HGD..

cattey said...

one of the best-looking actors in Korea, imo..


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