Monday, 13 July 2009

Gianna Jun Ji Hyun at Chanel Haute Couture Paris

Gianna (left) in a black Chanel chiffon dress

Star of Blood: The Last Vampire Gianna Jun Ji-hyun was invited to attend the 2009 Autumn/Winter Chanel Haute Couture show in Paris recently. She was seen in the company of Chanel's creative director Karl Lagerfeld.

Jun looked lovely dressed in a black Chanel chiffon dress albeit on the skinny side. She wore no accessories except for a matching clutch. The fashion show was held on 7th July at 9pm at the Grand Palais in Paris.

Pictures of Jun at the Chanel Haute Couture show will appear in Korea's Harper's Bazaar - August 2009 issue.

More pics...

Jun Ji Hyun and Karl Lagerfeld

Source: Newsen

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Serene said...

I am not usually a fan of hers, but she does look regally fine in this pic and another pic I saw on Popseoul


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