Tuesday, 28 July 2009

TVXQ's Max Changmin in Paradise Ranch

TVXQ's Max Changmin has been cast in the drama Paradise Ranch (파라다이스 목장). The drama is co-produced by Samhwa Networks and SM Entertainment.

Max Changmin is the third TVXQ member to venture into acting. First it was Hero Jaejoong in the Telecinema project Heaven's Postman, then only a few days ago, we blogged that U-Know will be in the MBC drama Heading on Ground.

Paradise Ranch is set to broadcast in Japan and Southeast Asia at the end of 2009.

Source: Newsen


Wawa said...

these boys are working like mad now days! i'm quite worried with their schedule!

as next month, they'll be busy with A-Nation tour in Japan, Dream concert in September, and their Mirotic Asia Tour hasn't ended yet, we can see Yunho will be back & forth between Japan & Korea regularly!!!

hopefully all the members will take care of theirselves... T______T

varms said...

The only one left now is Xiah! Ah, my cutie pie! I can't really imagine any role that would suit him though... But I think he should be in something funny!

Janica Te said...

hahaha ! kyopta :DD
don't worry girls ! i know xiah too will also have a project !
yea ! something funny ! funny things really suits him !


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