Monday, 27 July 2009

Rain Theater : 7th Global Fan Meeting

It was a relaxed time of chit chat from the heart at Rain's Global fan meeting.
Rain's good buddy Kim Jae Dong played host at the event.

Rain (real name Jung Ji -hoon) met with his fans on July 26 at 3pm at Kyung Hee University in Seoul for his 7th Global Fan Meeting : Rain Theater. Rain's long time friend Kim Jae-dong was emcee for the day.

Bi started off the fan meeting by performing the song Fresh Woman. Then it was chit chat time with Kim Jae-dong and Rain talked about his up and coming movie Ninja Assassin and Asia tour "Legend of Rainism" among other things.

On Ninja Assassin, Rain said that he is confident the movie will make him known in America. He said, "I do not wish to be humble about this movie. I trained hard and pushed myself to the limit. I am proud of this film. I don't know how well it will do in the boxoffice, but I'm honoured to have a role in such a production."

Rain also shared the concept of his Asia tour "Legend of Rainism". The tour kicks off in Japan on August 29 and fans can expect Rain's unparalleled powerful and sexy performance in concert. The concert stage will be emphasizing the theme "fantasy".

The fan meeting ended with Rain singing I Do, Rainism and My Girl. Former G.O.D. member Kim Tae-woo appeared as a special guest.

Rain looks boyish in his new short hair style!

Clouds were happy to see the huge cake!

Rain serenades his beloved fans

With special guest Kim Tae Woo

3000 fans from all over the world gathered at Kyung Hee University auditorium

Source: MyJungJiHoon

Pics credit: Newsen

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Anonymous said...

he looks adorable with his new hair cutt.
i'm excitedd to see his futuree works.

Liz said...

Awww, Rain looks absolutely adorable in the pics. :-)

eonjehna said...

white sockless tennies with a black suit?

uh. yeah.

hanhluvhotstuff. said...

u guys will the us his tour dates rite???
please msia again...please!!

angels.30 said...

OMG! rain always looks good! his one sexy, flirt, with strong charisma Korean guy... how i wish to have english subs on all his interviews though. i would really want o to know more about him but with no understanding about korean language its very hard to get to know him. Please hear me outthere... ENGLISH SUBS ON ALL Rains INTERVIEW PLEASE>


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