Saturday, 25 July 2009

TVXQ’s U-Know to debut in football drama

U-Know of highly-popular boyband TVXQ is set to debut as an actor in the MBC drama tentatively titled Heading on Ground.

Scheduled to be released in September, the drama is about a horrible football player named Cha Bong-gun, who harbours the dream of playing for the national team!

Talent: U-Know can't wait to show you his
acting chops

The 23-year-old heartthrob said: “I love the character. I was so excited when I read the script. I hope to express my excitement and feelings through faithful acting.”

Er…faithful acting? How does one do that? Does this mean he won’t break character after the cameras stop rolling?

Anyway, U-Know reportedly had a 5-hour meeting with producers to discuss his character as the singer is "very serious" about his role as Cha Bong-gun.

An MBC rep said: “We were told that U-Know also went through a difficult time before finally accomplishing his dream as a singer. We were not looking for the best Asian star. We were looking for Cha Bong-gun, and that is what we found in him.”

U-Know Yunho’s debut drama will be airing on Sept 9 on South Korea’s MBC channel. Malaysians can only hope to watch it online…or on local telly but dubbed in Mandarin :-P.

Source: The Korea Times
Pic credit: Sports Hankook


Kwon MiGi said...

OMG OMG OMG! I thought Junsu would be more suitable since he loves soccer. Plus he also did went through much to be standing where he is too. (i remember when his voice broke and he couldnt sing..) ANYWAY, YUNHO OPPA! JYJYJY!

Ki said...


Janica Te said...

omo omo omo ~
i know Yunho can do this one ! LOL.
i love him ! he's my fav :DD


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