Saturday, 25 July 2009

Learn the Samulnori in 10 days

Boy, I’d sure like to learn to bang on ‘em drums; but like all things organised by the Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO), this (again) seems to be catered for housewives.

KTO has invited a “professional” to teach eager K-popped! Malaysians the art of samulnori – Korean traditional percussion music.

Bang it: Learn how to make noise/ music for free!

The word samul means four objects while nori means play. Thus samulnori is always performed with four traditional Korean musical instruments called pungmul.

The instruments are namely:
  • Kkwaenggwari – a small gong
  • Jing – a larger gong
  • Janggu – an hourglass-shaped drum
  • Buk – a barrel drum (bass)
Only 20 lucky people will be invited to learn from the Master, who will be in Kuala Lumpur for 2 weeks.

The course takes 10 days (10 lessons) and will be held at the Korea Plaza. The banging on drums will be at 4pm to 6pm from Monday to Friday. The lessons are FREE and will begin on Aug 3.

For more information/ to book your place for the event, call Korea Plaza at 03 – 2072 2515 or e-mail

You know what, it would be great if KTO invited K-popped! and their readers to beat the crap out of the drums. It looks like a fantastic stress reliever and hitting something (with some skills, of course) is always good for me :-).

Check out the video below for a taste of samulnori. You like?

Why we say KTO caters to housewives:

Korea Plaza in Kuala Lumpur


Ki said...

I like that drum play! It's cool and it would be a mega cool experience to learn play like that. I would join if I lived in Malaysia. :D Have fun those joining!!

Blog Owner said...

well, im a housewife but still it's quite impossible to join cos I still hv to fetch my my son from school (he's in afternoon session).


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