Saturday, 22 August 2009

Bae Yong-joon attends manager’s wedding

Is it me or is Bae Yong-joon looking more feminine these days? I know this is a sensitive topic, but does Yonsama bat for the other side?

BYJ dabs on some lipgloss on his
smoochers for the camera

The Winter Sonata star was spotted at Lotte Hotel, Seoul on Aug 21. He was there to attend his manager, Yang Geun-hwan’s wedding ceremony.

'Show me the way guys, I can't see
well in these sunnies.'

'Oh, so the hall is over THERE?'

Apart from the 37-year-old Hallyu Star, other actors from the BOF talent agency were present that the event. They included Lee Ji-ah, Lee Na-young, Park Ye-jin, So Ji-sub, Lee Bo-young and Choi Kang-hee.

Lee Na-young fights back a headache

Ryu Seung-soo is glad he isn't the one getting married today

Lee Ji-ah arrvies in style

Lee Bo-young is delighted to attend the event

Also spotted were the 2AM boys, who looked rather lost :-P.

2AM doesn't know where to go

Park Ji-bin can't wait to set the
carpet on fire

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theone4me said...

BYJ looks a little puffy or swollen in the face. Instead of a having sharp features the way he used to, he has a rounder softer looking face (not fat but bloated looking). What's going on with him?

varms said...

He looks creepily like Michael Jackson (RIP)... I think he's trying to keep young somehow. Too much products/make-up?

jenny said...

Although he look a bit thinner cause he hv lost 10kg but he is still the gorgeous yong joon ever

ศุภนันท์ said...

BYJ oppa done work hard on his book "The Beauty O Korea" he taken photos by himself and went to visit around Korea by himself to take the data about korea and culture. He done a lot of work and took him lost his weight around 10 kg.
Takecare oppa


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