Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A look at 2AM in Malaysia

So you didn’t score invites to the MTV World Stage’s after party? Neither did we :-P.

But fret not folks, as there are many kind-hearted people out there who share good things…such as these exclusive shots of the 2AM boys during their interview with local entertainment glossy KLIK Magazine.

Q&A: The 2AM boys are interviewed by an MTV VJ from Korea

A little bird informed us that KLIK Magazine was the only mag that interviewed them. During the session, the boys talked about their stint in Wild Bunny. They were so excited relating their experience on the show that Kwon and Seulong couldn’t stop laughing.

Meanwhile, Changmin who speaks perfect English, asked for local food recommendations. The boys also autographed some merchandise, which will be given away in KLIK Magazine’s next issue.

Autograph, please: 'Where shall I sign my name?'

Spell: 'C-h-a-n-g-m-i-n...yeah, that about sounds right.'

To Malaysia: With love from 2AM

The following day, the 2AM boys squeezed in a photo shoot and some shopping at the Petronas Twin Towers.

Apart from that, American rock band Boys Like Girls met 2AM and have dubbed them Korea’s Boyz II Men. Below is a pic of the band with the Korean singers as posted on Twitter.

Twitterific: Boys Like Girls meets 2AM

At the MTV World Stage’s after party, 2AM sang 5 songs including Ne-Yo’s Sick and Chris Brown’s With You. They wrapped up their mini-showcase with One Candle. Watch the videos below:

This Song

So Sick

One Candle

Pics credit: KLIK Magazine

2PM not coming to Malaysia, 2AM to perform at after party

Confession of a Friend by 2AM


Wawa said...

OMG! they talked about their Wild Bunny experience! the episode of Kwon & Seulong featured in WB will be aired today... DIRTY EYED GIRLS-ABRACADABRA!!!!

heard 2AM had a fan-meeting on Sunday & i didn't know about it TT.TT

Wawa said...

owh, k-popped!
just a lil error there...
the American Boyband is called BOYS LIKE GIRLS.... ;)

Liz said...

Thanks Wawa, I've made the correction! :-)

-XioN- said...

JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!! i soooo wanna go... >.<.. but nvm la.. haihzz...

hanhluvhotstuff. said...

aawwww...i shud have hang around klcc!
juz in case! ;(
they even talkd about WB too

|| Lyññ || said...

Gah! I'm super jealous! I thought it was all a rumour cuz there was no follow up abt them in malaysia... Man if I would have known I would have forced my friend to sneak me in... geez... it was such a quiet event man...

Rachel / 레이첼 said...

Shit shit shits! I should have went to KLCC on Sunday. Arghh, why didn't I think of shopping that day??!

Anonymous said...

gosh they look really hansome in person. but no camera are allowed. damn euphoria.i only have a low quality picture&video taken wh my hp.

Wawa said...


cameras weren't allowed but some of the guests manage to sneak their camera in i think... including me! LOL >,<

Haxim said...

im not a big fan of 2AM but to know that a korean boy group attended mtv world stage in Malaysia is just awesome!

may they spread good comments about Malaysia in korea :D

hopefully more groups will come


Best country in SE Asia to live in if you want to see Kpop stars : Thailand. They ALWAYS go there.

Wawa said...

yah... gotta agree with you! Thailand is K-pop biggest market outside south korea itself~~~

Anonymous said...

woah... i hope they got good response here since i want them to be back! and let's hope that next time @am is around too.. hihi.

Anonymous said...

um i meant 2pm hehe.. typos :p.


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