Thursday, 13 August 2009

GDragon's Heartbreaker artwork teaser

Album artwork from his first solo release Heartbreaker is out! Big Bang member G-Dragon is looking mighty androgynous with platinum blonde hair and holding the apple of Eve. This boy will break many hearts across the gender spectrum. MiiiaOW... what a playa! The album features 10 tracks that highlights the artiste's unique style.

More pics after the jump...

So, what do you think about the new look? Hot or not?

Pic credit: AllKpop


Haxim said...

lol! for a second there, he looked like miyavi! i'm not used to seeing him with long hair.

gonna listen to his preview now!

Mickii said...

^^ Hot, but o-o the second picture look kinda like Death Note (anime).
o-o he's sexy with blond hair ! ;D

eonjehna said...

Same concept as Lee Jun Ki's "J Style" album. And the apple really is reminiscent of shinigami, per se, "Death Note"

Still. I <3 G-D!

caramel said...

FLAWLESS!!! if you haven't bought everything that he owns or make... go die... this artist is just out of the chart... he's not afraid to step OUTSIDE of the box and he does it CLEANLY and PERFECTLY... a gifted young soul...

Anonymous said...

I hope it's not gonna stick to the angry music.
The Heartbreaker video really scared me when I first saw it.
He looks cool, but I'm so used to his Ghetto look, which really attracted me.

syazy said...

his new looks is kinda cool..
but i really prefer his old black hair..
more asian kinda look..
hehe XD
well his an artist so he must change the style..
urm,he really reminds me of a death note character Lawliet which acted by Kenichi Matsuyama (Japanese)
but still,i love it!! ^^

syahirah shariff said...

he cannot be miyavi..
miyavi is better than him.
he looks like lee jun ki..


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