Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Jang Dong Gun in Good Morning President!

Jang Dong Gun's next project: to be the President of Korea!

Actor Jang Dong Gun is the President of Korea? Well, on the silver screen that is. After a 4 year hiatus, Jang is back with the movie Good Morning, President (굿모닝 프레지던트). The film is written and directed by Jang Jin. In the movie, Jang Dong Gun plays a young, charismatic president. Two other presidents are also featured in the movie i.e. a famous elderly president played by Lee Soon-jae and Korean's first female president (Goo Doo-shim). Korea's "Barbie doll" Han Chae-young plays the president's love interest, who's ironically the spokeswoman for the opposing party. Well, the romance sounds interesting.

Jang Dong Gun's last movies were The Promise (the China-Korea co-production flop) and action movie Typhoon.

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missironic said...

Good to noe Jang Dong Gun and Han Chae Young is back! Looking forward to tis movie!


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