Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Lee Byung Hun interview (Japan & Seoul) for G.I. Joe

Korean reporter interviews Lee Byung Hun when the G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra entourage went to Japan for the movie premiere and press junket.

The reporter got to visit Lee's hotel suite where she interviewed him. She asked him if he is worried about his looks and aging. Lee Byung Hun replied that he doesn't mind having some wrinkles. The reporter also talked to him briefly when he walked down the Red Carpet later that night at the movie premiere. The man taking photos (of LBH - just like a fan) with the digital camera while LBH was being interviewed by the reporter is Stephen Sommers (the movie director)!!

Don't forget to check out the last part where they interviewed Lee Byung Hun, Sienna Miller & Channing Tatum! LBH and Sienna like to tease each other - a lot. Loads of chemistry there. But i think it's a bit rude that the reporter spoke to LBH in Korean while Sienna & Channing couldn't understand.

Anyway, check out the video clip!

Video clip: Cybertimes.tv

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Anonymous said...

yeah it was kinda rude, they should have at least had a translator or something. oh well they look really close and touchy, but what's more important is so hot byung hun looked! He's a total hottie ;)

Serene said...

My fave bits of the interview,

1) Her trying to get a hug out of him, like she usually does. When he finally gets it,he's like
" uh, oh, ok."

2) The underwear question :
Reporter : which aspect of your fashion (sense) do you worry about?
LBH : My underwear
Reporter : But why? Ppl cannot see it
LBH : That's why I worry
* cackles up in laughter *


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