Sunday, 9 August 2009

Jo In-sung plays guitar for the Air Force band

Here’s a peek into Jo In-sung’s life as he serves his country in the military.

The 28-year-old enlisted in the army on April 6 this year and the actor seems to be enjoying himself.

Music: 'Sorry about that. It was supposed
to be the G chord.'

The Frozen Flower star chose to serve in the air force as a fighter pilot.

So what does Maverick do in his free time? In-sung sshi apparently plays the guitar for the Air Force Band!

Concentration: 'This is harder than I thought.'

The down-to-earth talent has been receiving much praise from his fellow comrades. It is reported that he is a good soldier and band member.

Apart from strumming the guitar, In-sung sshi also enjoys a game or two of basketball with his friends.

We miss ya, In-sung sshi. It’s good to see you enjoying yourself…and lookin’ so fine.

Fighter pilot: Definitely one for the album

Slam dunk: Enjoying a game of basketball

Jostle: Getting into the game

Points: He shoots and he scores!

Source: MSN News
Pics credit: Shutter Speed Mach 2.5

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eonjehna said...

heard he had a tough time in boot camp. glad to see that he's recovered and looking so.damn.fine!


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