Sunday, 9 August 2009

Kwon Sang-woo’s Green Hornet dream crushed by Jay Chou

Kwon Sang-woo will not be portraying The Green Hornet’s sidekick, Kato. Jay Chou beat him to it.

Hollywood dreams: Kwon Sang-woo was not picked to play
Kato in The Green Hornet

When Hong Kong star Stephen Chow dropped out of Michel Gondry’s The Green Hornet, the race was on to find a new Kato. Hallyu heartthrob Kwon Sang-woo (33) was one of the Asian stars vying for the plump role.

However, the new father’s Hollywood dream is crushed with the announcement that Taiwanese star Jay Chou (pic left) has landed the role of Kato.

Chou (30), who is a talented actor and musician, will be joining Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz and Nicolas Cage for the production.

Kato was famously portrayed by Bruce Lee in the original television series.

Sorry to hear the news, Sang-woo sshi. Fighting!

Sources: Newsen & Splash Page


chajjye said...

meh. neither actors excite me much.

Anonymous said...

DNW anyone but Stephen Chow. Bring him back!

kpop_rub said...

Wow I love Jay Chou. I am so excited to see him (rare opportunity to see him on the big screen in the US) This movie just sold me.
But as far as I know Jay Chou speaks no English? Is this character silent? How else could he pull this off?

estelgrace said...

WOW. Jay Chou! Cool!! Thanks for the news! I'm gonna look out for it! ^^

eonjehna said...

good choice. can't see ksw in the role of kato.

Jia Tabitha said...

KSW is way too hot playing KATO anyway =]


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