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JUMP to a martial arts extravaganza

Korean non-verbal show JUMP may be internationally known, but the martial arts extravaganza doesn’t pack much of a punch in the comedy department. Orchid and Liz JUMP-ed to Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil on Aug 8 to check out the show.

Honestly, JUMP doesn’t tickle the funny bone as much as Break Out or Nanta.

Sure, the show has received “enthusiastic applause from Prince Charles” or was “enjoyed by celebrities such as Brad Pitt and his family”, but the slapstick comedy here gets repetitive.

Before the show: The set up at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil

Take for instance the joke where the actors are “pierced” by a sword, which in fact takes advantage of how the actors angle themselves on stage. The punchline is repeated enough times throughout the show for it to lose its effect on the audience.

However, all is not lost as JUMP does entertain; it just doesn’t consistently deliver that “rolling on the floor laughing” comedy. The fall-out-your-seat humour is just too few and far between.

Training: Grandpa (right) rounds up the family for
their daily exercises

A good thing about JUMP is that the cast interacts with the audience right from the get go. Old Man mingles with the crowd before the show starts and even gets a member of the audience to help him up on stage.

However, as the filler between scenes, Old Man overstays his welcome. We understand that his duty is to keep the audience entertained, but his act gets…err, pardon the pun…rather old.

Smooth moves: 'Yes my children, you weild nunchuks like this.'

How many times do we want to see Old Man, who apparently can't bend his knees, shuffle across the stage and end up doing an acrobatic move or two?

Speaking of acrobats, JUMP offers a dazzling display of gravity-defying leaps and impossibly agile and limber moves.

The actors will mesmerize you with their sky-high jumps and graceful dives before they tumble gently to the ground – all without the aid of a trampoline or wires. Awesome possum!

Yes, it’s a martial arts extravaganza that will keep your mouth agape as you watch them execute their explosive routines.

Powerful: 'Look Grandpa, I know kung fu!'

The story revolves around a family of martial artists. The patriarch of the family is Grandpa, who is extremely strict when it comes to the clan’s training sessions. With a cane in hand, he whips the family into shape with their daily exercise routines.

Apart from that, there is the Father and Mother, and their lovely Daughter. There’s also an Uncle who enjoys his soju a little too much and fights ala the Drunken Master when inebriated.

Enter a potential – but nerdy – Son-In-Law who needs loads of assistance in wooing the pretty Daughter. He gets his much needed help from none other than Grandpa.

Don’t be fooled by the young man’s timid demeanour though because the boy turns into a lean, mean, fighting machine once his glasses are removed. Kerpowww!

Romance: 'Do you want flowers or see me break bricks in two?'

As love blossoms between the Son-In-Law and Daughter, two bumbling burglars decide to break into the house...

While I would give Break Out and Nanta a five out of five rating for entertainment and comedy, JUMP is about a three-and-a-half. It has its hits, but the misses are more prominent when compared to the other two non-verbal productions I’ve had the pleasure to watch.

Caught: Burglar I (second from right) is in for a tough time

If you are into martial arts and acrobatics, look no further for a show that will enthral you. JUMP may be one of the most well-known Korean productions around, but it ain't the cream of the crop.

Huh!: The cast show off their lean and mean physiques

Celebration: Happily ever after for the lovebirds

Goodbye Malaysia: The cast take their bow

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Hui Cin said...
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Hui Cin said...

I think that old man was really annoying...Break Out was lot better to me.

hanhluvhotstuff. said...

LIZ! ure an allkpop writter too??

eonjehna said...

Went to see "Jump" when I went to Seoul last year. From your review, it sounds like the same show they did back then. It WAS funny to a certain extent, but I appreciated the martial arts aspect more.

Liz said...

Hello eonjehna: Yeah, I'm sure we watched the same show. Try to catch Break Out or Nanta. I think it's better :-)

@hanluvhotstuff: What makes you say that? No, I'm not a writer for allkpop...I write for er, K-popped! :-P


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