Friday, 14 August 2009

ETPFEST 2009 kicks off this weekend

ETPFEST 2009 kicks off tomorrow! ETPFEST, the summer rock festival started by South Korean rock veteran Seo Taiji featuring Limp Bizkit, Keane and Nine Inch Nails.

Nine Inch Nails!! I'm very jealous. I'm just a 2 hour flight away from Seoul, but it's 2 hours that's over my budget. *Sigh* Maybe next time.

Other bands in the line up are Japan's Boom Boom Satellites and Fade, and South Korea's very own, GumX, Pia and Seotaiji Band.

Music video of My Bed by Pia.

Are you going?


Lindsay said...

Meh, I'm passing on this one. The ETP Fest is crazy-expensive--almost 200,000 won for just one day! I paid less than that for three days at the Jisan Valley Rock Festival near Seoul this past July, and the JVRF line-up was as good as ETP Fest's. ^^;;

Anyone who wants to see Korean indie bands should come to the Ssamzie Sound Festival this fall (October-ish)! It's another all-day festival, but you'll see twice as many bands for about 15% of the ETP Festival price. (NIN won't be there, though...ㅎㅎㅎ) ^^

Anonymous said...

200,000 for how many bands? We have a lot of festivals over here which go over that price. Pukkelpop is like 140 (250,000won) euro for Three days but over 200 bands. 75 (130,000 won) euro for a day. The one I'm going to every year is about 177,000 won for 2 days and 45 bands...

Lindsay said...

heartlessexpulsion, 177,000 won for 2 days and 45 bands sounds great! That's why I like Pentaport and the Jisan Valley Rock Festival: 165,000 won for three days and about 40 bands. Totally worth the ticket price!

ETP Fest has only eight bands: Pia, Gumx, Fade, Boom Boom Satellites, Keane, Limp Bizkit, NIN, and Seo Taiji. Pia and Gumx are Korean bands that regularly make appearances at other, cheaper festivals; I suspect the big-name foreign bands are what makes this ticket so expensive. Pentaport and JVRF tend to piggyback on a Japanese rock festival, so they can bring over foreign bands for a great price. ETP Fest is probably importing the bands directly from their home countries, which would be very expensive.... ^^;;

Anonymous said...

But it's a little silly to pay that much for just those bands. Pukkelpop (the festival I was talking about that costs 250,000 won) has many famous bands like The Offspring, Faith no more, Placebo, kraftwerk, snow patrol, razorlight, deftones, artic monkeys, NERD, (even 50cent for a weird reason) and [url=]many more[/url]


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