Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Police nabs Choi Jin-sil's grave robber

Please, just let me rest in peace.

On August 15th the remains of late actress Choi Jin Sil disappeared from her tomb. Cemetery management informed police that morning that the actress's tomb had been broken into and the urn containing her remains had been stolen. Today, the man suspected of stealing (kidnapping?) Choi's urn has been apprehended.

Identified only as Park, the 41-year-old suspect allegedly took the actress's remains from her grave and buried it in the nearby mountains in Daegu where he was hiding. Park said, "Choi Jin-sil appeared in my dream and asked me to get her out of the ground."


Choi Jin-sil's remains have been recovered and the police are doing further investigations to ascertain if Park is suffering from any mental health problems.

Source: Yonhap News

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Pickwick12 said...

That looks like a mental health issue to me...

fishama87 said...

The man must be really crazy and totally got some mental ill...

poor Choi Jin Sil family..hope she can remain in peace after this..


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