Thursday, 3 September 2009

29th Geumsan Insam Festival

If your visit to South Korea includes these dates: 18 – 27 Sept 2009, and you’re a big fan of Korean ginseng, you'd better not miss the Geumsan Insam Festival.

Power root: Ginseng is celebrated at the
Geumsan Insam Festival

The festival has been held annually since 2007. The event that is endorsed by Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has lined up many activities for the visitor.

There will be various contests to take part in, Insam (ginseng) wine making workshops, ginseng digging as well as bottle making activities!

Represent: The logo (left) and mascots for the event - aren't they cute?

Among the things this “town of ginseng” has to offer are:
  • Chilbaekuichong (Tomb of Seven Hundred Martyrs) – Take a walk through this Joseon period historic site, which is actually a tomb and shrine for 700 martyrs who died in the Battle of Geumsan during the Japanese invasion.
  • 12 waterfalls – If you’re into nature, check out the 12 waterfalls – both big and small – that will simply take your breath away.
  • Geumsan herb market – Look no further for a healthy (sic) variety of fresh ginseng at this market, which is abuzz with activity every weekend.
  • Seodae mountain – Take in the view of the Seodae mountain, which is the highest mountain in the Chungnam province.
For more information on the festival, go to: (some info in English available) (unfortunately, it’s all in Korean)

Not enough info? Try picking up a brochure on the festival at the Korea Plaza or at the Korea Tourism Organization's booth during the upcoming Matta Fair (4 - 6 Sept at the Putra World Trade Center).


Anonymous said...

This looks very interesting! So Geumsan is a town, or area? Now, IIRC ginseng is a root. So is there a specific harvest time? Is that why this is the third week in September? Or does the date relate to the 700 martyrs?
The graphics as the page starts on your first link are really well done. Thank you!

Liz said...

Hello k9vc, I'm not sure whether it's "ginseng season" in September or not, what I'm quite sure of is that the date doesn't relate to the 700 martyrs.


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