Friday, 4 September 2009

I love Korea @ Matta Fair

Will you be going to the Matta Fair? If you answered yes and are interested in all things Korean, don’t forget to drop by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) booth.

As part of its I Love Korea Event, KTO has performances lined up for its visitors. Check out the schedule after the jump:

Also, those who are planning to get “Korea Package” tours will receive some goodies and be eligible for a lucky draw where the winner gets two round trip air tickets to Korea!

It’s all happening at the KTO booth during the Matta Fair, which starts today until Sept 6 at Putra World Trade Center.

Have fun!

MATTA Fair - Sept 2007

Korean B-boys


|| Lyññ || said...

I would love to go to KOREA! In fact, I'm trying to get myself into a summer school there... or better yet, continue my Masters there! hahaha... *day-dreams*

My dad was like,'Come let's go Korea and meet Ji hoo la since u didn't get to see him just now'... Lol... Thanks to me, my dad is hooked onto Korean stuff thanks to me and my mom! Hehe... My mom was actually the first one to watch K-dramas... Then I started watching cuz Autumn in My Heart was the BOMB! Now we are all hooked onto all things korean =)

Liz said...

All the best for your plans to continue your Masters in Korea, Lynn :-P. I bet you'll be fluent in Korean if you take your Masters there :-)

Haxim said...

my only wish now;

to fly to korea, meet snsd/ see them perform, get their autograph and give tiffany a big hug!

not to forget, enjoy every single moment i spend there. i'm sure it's gonna be lovely. with the nice cold weather and the view, culture and food etc.

it's all about SPM now =.=


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