Saturday, 26 September 2009

Fans to organise The First Philippine Kpop Convention

Mabuhay dear readers!

Kpop fans are doing it again: making news as they unite for their love of the Hallyu.

In celebration of the Philippines-Republic of Korea Friendship Year, Kpop fans in the Philippines will come together to organise the country’s very first Kpop Convention!

Fan power: Kpop fans in the Philippines unite!

The convention-cum-fund raising event aims to bring together fans and enthusiasts of Korean pop culture. The event will be an avenue for Kpop aficionados to share their love for Kpop culture with the masses.

Fan clubs of various Kpop artists are coming together for the event, which will be held in October. There will be activities for visitors, song and dance performances and contests and games at the convention.

Proceeds from the event will be donated to Gawad Kalinga, a non-profit organisation that provides homes to the less fortunate.

Apart from that, the convention also aims to get the attention of the South Korean embassy in The Philippines. Why? Because the embassy may be bringing in Kpop stars in November for the 60th anniversary of the Philippines-Republic of Korea Diplomatic Relations.

Kim Kie-joo, Counselor for the Korean Embassy in the Philippines was quoted as saying, “I'm not in a position to guarantee who we can bring. We will try our very best to bring our well-renowned Korean stars so that we can really enjoy together with the Filipino people.”

Kim added that bringing in popular Korean acts isn’t too farfetched if Pinoys boldly demand for their fave stars through surveys, blogs, signature drives, etc.

“I think if there is a great number of audience, it should be a very convincing rationale to bring them here,” Kim said.

And with that folks, our K-popped! friends in the Philippines are on a mission to see their wishes fulfilled with the humble Kpop Convention. Details of the event (Where? When? What time? What should I wear?) will be at:

All the best, guys. 아자 아자 화이팅!

Yo fellow Malaysias, do you think we can do something like that as well?

Sources: Nina Escoto & PEP


Wawa said...

seriously, Malaysia & Republic Of Korea is celebrating their 50 years diplomatic relationship next year and hopefully they can do something like this too >,<

Huda Y said...

Seriously...we should do this in Malaysia too!

Daphne. said...

I think we should do it here! :D
I'd be happy to help out and volunteer! :D

Cuddly Family said...

Im with WaWa.. what an awesome idea :D

Haxim said...

a petition should be signed to bring SNSD, Kara and all k-pop stars to Malaysia!
I'm dead serious!
and wawa, I couldn't agree more! :D

it's about time! cause thailand, singapore and phillipines are seem the only countries they go to ...


Actually, Thailand is the only country they go to. We folks in Singapore are dead jealous of Thai Kpop fans.

Ayumi said...

It's sooo true..I think that's because Thai youth are craaazy about eveything Korean - K pop, dramas, movies, fashion, cosmetics, & the Korean language.

TV stations even had to delay the airing of 'Boys Over Flowers' due to Thai students' upcoming exam.

You can feel K-pop everywhere you go there..especially near Siam Paragon in Bangkok!
I think if you'd open a shop there and sell Korean pop stars' posters, you could make a lot of money..

It's up to K-pop fans to make things happen.
We could write to the Korean embassy or Kor Tourist Office/Korean plaza to suggest a 'Koren Festival' to commemorate 50 years' diplomatic relationship between Korea and Malaysia next yr! The more people write, the more likely it might happen. ^.^

mariah said...

i agree with all of you
hopefully they can bring powerful stars like tvxq to malaysia
i'm all the way volunteering myself for this :))

mira liyana said...

I agree... we should do the same thing in Malaysia... It's so hard to see K-pop star here but to have an event like this, we all as a K-Pop fans can gathered and getting to know each other more... :)

~ 소녀시대 ~ 소원을 말해봐 ~

Lee said...

its kinda hard to do it in malaysia actually, the fans power here is generally pretty weak and corporate companies aka sponsors are old fashion and don't believe in kpop. that is why no one wanna bring kpop ppl to malaysia, those who did either do a bad job or they lost so much money doing it (cuz not enough sales etc) that they stop. so in end the wave is dying in malaysia. i notice that malaysia and thailand kpop fever actually start at the same time in 2006 (its all due to tvxq 1st concert) fact, we are earlier by 4 months ? but we lose so much. thai wave grow so much after that.. how sad.

Liz said...

The Kpop Convention will be held on Dec 5 at the Starmall Alabang from 10am to 5pm! :-)

Hit the link in the article to the official site for more details.


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