Sunday, 27 September 2009

Show your Sparkling Spirit and meet a Hallyu Star

Dying to meet a Hallyu Star? Say, someone like actor Kwon Sang-woo or singer Younha?

If you have mad skillz making short videos, make sure you show off your talent in Korea Tourism Organization’s (KTO) contest entitled Show Us Your Sparkling Spirit.

Just make a video that captures the sparkling spirit of South Korea, upload it onto Youtube and enter your masterpiece in the contest. Also, please don’t forget to state which Hallyu Star – out of the pre-selected 10 – you’d like to meet.

Twiddle your thumbs while you wait for the judges’ evaluation and public votes, and voila, you may just be on your way to meeting your fave Hallyu star!

Here is the list of prizes:

Grand prize (2 persons)
Winners will represent their country in the Sparkling Road Trip in November. They will be given a special mission that sees them taking a road trip in South Korea and visiting exciting tourist destinations.

The two winners are required to race each other to complete their mission. The Hallyu star of his/her choice will be waiting for him/her at the end of the road trip.

Flights, accommodation and transportation will be provided.

2nd place (3 persons)
A roundtrip ticket to South Korea, sponsored by Korean Air.

3rd place (1 person)
A Samsung Notebook (PC N310)

4th place (10 persons)
A Samsung MP3 player (YP-S2 1G)

And who, pray tell, are the pre-selected Hallyu Stars? Check them out below (click on the pic for a larger view).

Other important details you should know:
Contest period: Sept 10, 2009 – Oct 11, 2009
Voting period: Oct 12, 2009 – Oct 20, 2009 (judges’ evaluation 70%, public votes 30%)
Winners announcement: Oct 30, 2009.

Good luck, everyone!

Go to the contest site:


Haxim said...

younha please!

but i have SPM this year :(

kataYANAgi said...

lots of shinhwa members here..
my sis surely will do this..

u r not alone..
me too

~lyne~ said...

sigh. it's only limited to japan, china, taiwan and singapore?? malaysia's not in it??? sad face.


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