Monday, 28 September 2009

Hyun Bin celebrates birthday with fans in Japan

Hyun Bin celebrated his 27th birthday with his Japanese fans on 25 September at the National Hall in Yokohama, Japan. 5,000 fans attended the birthday party cum fan meeting.

The heartthrob flashed his famous dimples and proceeded to serenaded his fans by singing Steve Barakatt's "No Regret" and "Misty" while on the piano. He spent one entire month practicing to get the songs just right for his beloved fans. Talk about dedication. Hyun Bin also sang a song from his latest drama project Friend, Our Legend and lastly, performed "This is the Moment" from the stage musical Jekyll and Hyde.

On a sad note, Hyun Bin's going away for military service next year. Oppa, bogoshipoyo! We will miss you! And so will his girlfriend, Song Hye Kyo!

Sources: Newsen, mk, Joynews

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Wawa said...

OMG... he looks freaking hot in here... ahhhh~~~ i miss the smiles! should watch MLSS & WW again >,<

ps: ahhhh... time flies fast! he's going for a MS next year... good news is, Gong Yoo MS will end this december... ^^

Liz said...

Oh, he's going to the military soon? That's quite sad...

Serene said...

Samshik!! My first and original K crush!!!


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