Monday, 7 September 2009

Lee Min Ho kisses Sandara Park 100 times!

Lee Min Ho & Sandra Park do the Bad Love Kiss

Don't be shocked by the title. It's not that Lee Min-ho and Sandara Park are an item or anything. They were filming the CF for Cass Beer and doing the Bad Love Kiss (나쁜 사랑 키스).

Boys Before Flowers hottie Lee Min Ho is back with another CASS Beer ad. Previously, you saw him sashay on the dance floor with Australian model Jessica Gomez.

This time around, Min Ho pairs up with Sandra Park. He plays a guy who charms the sexy Sandara by planting a firm kiss on her lips.

Fans, don't throw a fit, but word has it that to get the "Bad Love Kiss" just right, Min-ho had to kiss Sandara more than 100 times (huh? Orchid is asking - was that really necessary? A hundred kisses i mean!) By the time they were done filming, both were exhausted and left with swollen lips. Hmmm....gruelling shoot it must have been.

Smooch !

Kiss #99 : Sandara looks bored

Source & pics credit: Newsen


Anonymous said...

All this for work right??? Poor Sandara - she must had to a rough time doing this kind of work.

Anonymous said...

can i also see the NG! hahaha. i heard that Dara's song Kiss will be featurd in the CF. yeah 2NE1.

RPG Fan said...

Sandara Park is so cool! We just love her here in the Philippines. And we're so happy she has found success as a kpop artist in Korea.

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