Sunday, 6 September 2009

Get physical with Oh Ji-ho

I’d fancy that, wouldn’t you? *wink*wink*

Excuse the oestrogen guys, but how can we not swoon when hunky Oh Ji-ho is offering his services as a personal trainer?

Train with me: 'Yeah, you've gotta expand your
chest like this.'

The 33-year-old did just that for Cook TV’s Star Date. Lucky participants of the programme got to hit the gym with the actor.

During the session, the sculpted actor gave participants pointers on the proper ways to work out the chest, abdomen, arms, and lower body.

For his personal goal, Oh said, “Instead of Superman’s body, my goal is to get a Batman-like physique. I think good acting partly comes from a healthy body.”

Batman bulges: 'OK, who'd like a feel of my solid
chest next?' (Liz faints)

Oh, who is currently portraying a slave in the historical KBS drama Chuno (Slave Hunter), even challenged a participant to a friendly thigh wrestling match (OoOh, pick me!). The participant beat the actor in no time and was pleasantly surprised at his own strength.

Thigh match: 'Sure, thump your chest and do the victory dance right now,
but I still win in the looks department.'

Cook TV is part of KT’s IPTV.

Playing against type: Oh Ji-ho as the slave Song Tae Ha in Slave Hunter

Source: Newsen

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Raindrops said...

oh...this is the same actor from Get Karl, correct? he is dreamy *.*

Liz said...

Yes, he is :-)

eonjehna said...

love those dimples!


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