Friday, 25 September 2009

Rain films F1 Rocks Concert segment in Singapore

Korean superstar Rain (real name: Jung Ji-hoon) filmed a segment for the F1 Rocks Concert in Singapore recently.

Hello, goodbye: 'You missed me, didn't ya, Singapore?'

The 3-day music festival, which is held in conjunction of the Singapore Grand Prix week, will be recorded and packaged as two music and entertainment shows.

According to the singer’s representative J.Tune Entertainment, the programmes will air in about 200 countries.

Arrival: Rain (in cap) arrives in Singapore with his
personal bodyguard (right) - Pic credit: Chew Seng Kim

Rain arrived at the Lion City in the early morning of Sept 23 (Wed). He then filmed his segment at the Chinese and Japanese Gardens. Mark Webber, the 2008 German Grand Prix winner, was his “co-star” during filming. The pair portrayed race car drivers fighting for the F1 championship.

The 27-year-old then left Singapore for South Korea on Sept 24 (Thurs) to prepare for his Legend of Rainism concert. He is scheduled to perform in Seoul on Oct 9 and 10.

Did anyone of you see Rain prancing around at the Chinese and Japanese Gardens? :-P.

Sources: The Korea Times & allkpop

Rain kicks off Legend of Rainism tour in Japan

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Huda Y said...

Why didn't we have him for our F1??
Unfairrr~~ T.T


Singapore "got" him because this is the inaugural F1 Rocks event.

Btw... he left Singapore on 23 Sept and arrived back home in Seoul on 24 Sept.

Haxim said...

you gotta agree with me,

artists from all over the world seem to boycott Malaysia. why ?

they go to thailand or singapore all the time instead of Malaysia. i mean, you could just drive a few hours to reach or fly for an hour. look at how many times suju and snsd went to thailand ..

why ? whyyyy ? T_T

Anonymous said...

He looks better here, than in those earlier shots. I hope all goes well for him.

Vic in Long Beach

Ayumi said...

Yeah, Rain was there to promote his upcoming film, "Ninja Assassin" that will be released worldwide in November.

Recently, they came up with some creative marketing strategies
like showing 'N Assassin' trailer during the commercial break of the American drama "Heroes" on national TV -
many U.S. viewers who don't know about Rain said that they can't wait to watch the film after seeing the trailer!

Anywayz, in this Formula 1 event, sorta 'Car Racing Worldcup',
Rain was there with Beyonce, L Rohan, Gwen Stefanie, Black Eyed Peas, etc. and
this will be airing thru 200 TV stations around the globe!
(I'll probably check out youtube, yay!)

UK's dailyrecord cited Rain as
'Hollywood's hottest martial arts star since Jackie Chan'.

Heard he would be playing Bruce Lee's character in the remake of "Enter the Dragon", too!

Rain must be super-busy nowadays, running his fashion company, training a 'boy group', promoting his new film and
another world tour...Can't believe how he does it all!!

Serene said...

Hi Ayumi,

I don't think he was at the F1 Rocks concert perse. He filmed a clip with Mark Webber (Team Red Bull) at the Chinese or Japanese gardens. From the looks of things, his command of English hasn't improved much and it is still painful listening to him speak

Also, the lines were quite cheesy to begin with


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