Friday, 25 September 2009

Shin Ae releases wedding photos

Korean actress Shin Ae and her non-celebrity husband

After four months of wedded bliss, actress Shin Ae (27) releases photos of her wedding much to her fans' delight.

Cho Shin Ae tied the knot on 28 May with Park Jae Gwan (29) at the luxurious Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel in Seoul.

The photos were released via Shin Ae's Cyworld and MySpace web pages on 22 September. 15,000 fans visited her MySpace and left congratulatory messages to the happy couple.

More pics after the jump...

Photos courtesy of KAMA Studio.


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hanys said...

so nice, so pretty. the pics look so nice.. i think that guy is better with the side look :)

Almost Everything said...

awww! sweet! wish her happily ever after with her hubby.


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