Monday, 21 September 2009

Rain reveals MBLAQ in Nylon

Step aside all you pretty girl groups and make way for MBLAQ, the latest buzz to hit Kpop-dom.

The boyband that is produced by none other than Rain is set to burst onto the K-pop music scene come October.

MBLAQ: Get ready, Kpop fans...they're here

A J.Tune Entertainment rep said: “MBLAQ is the first group to be produced by Rain, and so everyone is showing interest. We are even receiving calls from fans who are interested in starting a fan club already.”

Cool: The boys are set to debut in October 2009

The public will get its first look of the boys in NYLON magazine’s October issue. The photos you see here have set the Internet abuzz. Potential fans are already wondering about the identities of the members.

Introduction: The public will get a look at them in the
Oct 09 issue of NYLON

It is reported that one of the members named Lee Jun appeared as the young Raizo in Rain’s upcoming Hollywood flick Ninja Assassin. Another member named Bang Chul-yong is also gaining attention as he is actress Ko Eu-na’s younger brother.

MBLAQ has been under the tutelage of Rain for more than two years. Their first single drops mid-October. Are you ready?

Source: The Korea Times


Orchid said...

What kind of a name is MBLAQ? It sounds weird to me.

아이스Aiseu said...

weird meh? my friends said sounds cool!

Hazwani said...

3 people or 5 ?
what's the meaning of MBLAQ ?

Hazwani said...

3 people or 5 ?
what's the meaning of MBLAQ ?

Joo said...

MBLAQ is pronounced as M-black..and no one knows what is the meaning of it yet but im anticipating for their debut in rain's concert !!!!!

syazy said...

their song "OH YEAH"
its not so bad..
they shows their body,
and at first i didn't even know it was Rain the one who u know training them..
but the way they dance does similar to him..
its a brand new group and people start to like them.. ^^

Cupcalicious said...
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