Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Americans and Canadians get DramaFever

Looking for another online K-drama resource? If you’re residing in the US or Canada, then you’re lucky enough to tune in to DramaFever.com.

Now showing: Friend, Our Legend is showing at DramaFever.com

DramaFever boasts the “best online video experience”. It claims to have fast, high quality videos that are professionally subtitled in English.

Also, all dramas at the site are streamed legally as the founders have licensed the dramas directly from the Korean broadcasting companies. Impressive, huh?

The bad news is, we in Malaysia will not be able to watch the shows. The license obtained by the site only covers the USA and Canada. Ah, c’set la vie.

Denied: Malaysians will not be able to tune in to DramaFever.com


Ayumi said...

Wow, this is a good one.

Hope they will let Korean drama junkies outside North America
use their site in the (near) future!

From the site's FAQ:

"....This might change in the future, but for the time being, we are focusing our efforts in bringing the best content to users in the US and Canada...."

Meanwhile, I'll use 'mysoju', hehe

Nowadays, my fav dramas I'm watchin on KBS World are:
The Second Proposal (on weekend nights)
He Who Can't Marry (waaahhhh, this is just finished.)
My Fair Lady (Wed/Thurs 9 pm)
Man in the Vineyard (Mon~Thurs 10:10 pm SOOO addictive!)

BTW, I found youtube has lots of Korean films. Even films from last year (e.g. Rainbow Eyes)

Liz said...

Heya Ayumi, I'm kinda following Second Proposal on the KBS channel too! :-)

Ah, Oh Ji-ho's lookin' mighty fine ;-)

Yup, hopefully we in Malaysia will get to watch the drama from DramaFever soon :-).

Ayumi said...

Hi, Liz! U r also following the Second Proposal?!
Have been following the drama from Ep.1 and couldn't miss any episode since then...ahhh, I dig the program soooooo much I look forward to every Sat/Sun night.
One of my top 5 Korean dramas; OSTs are awesome, too.

Yeah, Oh Ji-ho's such a hunk *nose-bleeding*...He's DA MAN *WINK*

Heard this is a critically acclaimed multi-awarded drama!

eonjehna said...

Had the pleasure of meeting Oh Ji-Ho in person a few years back. He's such an endearing man ... polite, composed ... a gentleman!

And he's HOT!!

Check out his "Silver Knife" movie. hehe

Anyway, I hope that DramaFever expands to your part of the globe soon. I've been a member (you need to register for it) for about a year now, and although it doesn't have as many dramas on it's database as mysoju does, it's still my preferred choice. the video quality is great, and the episodes are intact ... whereas mysoju has each episode further subdivided into 5 or 6 segments.

Liz said...

Heya Ayumi: Yeah I have been watching Second Proposal on and off. The final two episodes will air this Saturday, right? Can't wait for it!

eonjehna: You lucky gal! You got to meet OJH in person? Wow, he sounds grrreat! Silver Knife? Gotta go look out for it.

I'm planning to buy his drama Get Karl!? I haven't watched it yet and since he is in the lead, I think it's well worth the $$$ spent on it :-)

Also, thanks for the feedback on DramaFever. More dramas will be added to the site - Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc. I think they are doing a good job :-)

Liz said...

Oooh, just read an old entry and remembered that Second Porposal has 22 episodes! Wheeee...I have more weekends with Oh Ji-ho then :-)

Ayumi said...

>>Wheeee...I have more weekends with Oh Ji-ho then :-)<<

Ahhhhhh, relieved~!!!

I REALLY hope we could access to DramaFever here in Malaysia, too sooner or later!

Gotta admit mysoju has uploaded even the most recent Kor dramas, but kinda annoying to use...

By the way, I've been following "The Vineyard Man" (10:10 pm Mon~Thurs on KBS World) and
this is as addictive as "The Second Proposal"

Oh Man-seok who plays 'Taek-gi'is just amaaazing.
He kinda grows on ya...
I saw him playing a lead role in the musical, "Hedwig & the Angry Inch" last year when I was traveling in Seoul and...
in this drama, he plays a countryboy who speaks thick Southern dialect...ha! From a villain to a transgender rock star to a country farmer..he's an awesome actor!

I'm telling ya..this drama is so so so good.
Check it out from 'ep1' from the Web!

eonjehna said...

Don't forget to add "eunuch" to Oh Man-Seok's repretoire of characters since he played one in the Joseon-period epic "The King and I". Such a talented man!

Ayumi said...

Oh and if I were to meet Oh Ji-ho, and he would smile at me, I would be sleepless that nite!!
Totally~~ ^^;;;

Ayumi said...

>>Don't forget to add "eunuch" to Oh Man-Seok's repretoire of characters since he played one in the Joseon-period epic "The King and I". Such a talented man!<<

Ahhhhhh, he was Oh Man Seok?!
Wow, I was REALLY impressed by his acting
and I didn't know it was him!
Maybe, with Korean traditional attire, I didn't recognize him
Would love to see more of OMS.

For now, am happy and HIGH (OOops) every weeknight, watching 'The Vineyard man'!!


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