Saturday, 31 October 2009

Dine on us – 10% discount off dinner at Han Sung

Alrighty folks, if you love Korean home cooking, we’ve got some great news for you!

Korean BBQ Han Sung Restaurant and K-popped! are giving you, our faithful readers, a 10% discount off dinner at the restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.

Welcome!: Dinner is (partly) on us at Han Sung :-)

The offer starts tomorrow (Nov 1) and ends on Dec 31. All you have to do is... the image below and print out the voucher. Bring it along to the restaurant, tell the waiter that you’ll be using the voucher and voila, you’ll get 10% off your dinner bill!

Terms and conditions apply.

Discount: Print me and use me!

If you want to know what’s rockin’ at Han Sung, please read our reviews below:
(Note to our Muslim friends – Han Sung is a non-halal restaurant)
Han Sung's banchan at Cold Storage outlets
Soondae, Bossam & Jokbal promotion at Korean BBQ Han Sung Restaurant

Home cooked Korean fare at Korean BBQ Han Sung Restaurant
In search of authentic Korean Food in Malaysia



|| Lyññ || said...

Cool~~ I saw their blog and the japchae looks yummy~~ I'm hooked onto Japchae ever since I tried the dish at Daorae... hehe... I still miss it...
Now I'm craving for Korean food =(
Ah... This restaurant is so far for me...

Liz said...

Hi Lynn, you mean Daorae Garden in Desa Sri Hartamas?

Han Sung is just a couple of doors down from Daorae :-) If you can get there for some japchae, getting to Han Sung is no problem at all ;-).

teruterubozu said...

If we have BBQ set and kimchi stew, may I ask around how much per person is the price? I's scared it's too pricey coz I'm planning to bring my family there for dinner.

iciviuja said...

wow.. it's a great discount..^^

anyway, do you know that there's actually a BBQChicken outlet in WangsaWalk? it's on the ground floor. Instantly I remembered the Wonder Girls! I stumbled upon it last Saturday and drag my mom to take a look, though I couldn't get the chance to have a taste of the yummy looking chicken. sad thing.. I was hoping to find some WG pictures too.. haha

Liz said...

@ teruterubozu, please read one of our reviews on the restaurant. We stated the price of the dishes we tried. That would give you some indication of how the pricing is like at the restaurant.

Hit one of the Related links. Thank you.


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