Sunday, 1 November 2009

An interview with the Wonder Girls managed to catch up with JYP’s Wonder Girls when they were in New Jersey on Oct 15. The Nobody singers were at the Justice store for an autograph signing session.

The interview was conducted in English with Yenny (Ye-eun) doing most of the talking, while Yubin supported her. Mimi (Sunmi) and Sohee were the quieter ones throughout. The missing Wonder was Sunye (Sun).

In wonder: JYP's jewels the Wonder Girls talks (in English) to

The girls talked about American boys (rest assured, Mimi still likes her Korean boys), the coolest thing being in America (calling their elders by their first name) and their upcoming plans – a new album in November, and concerts in China in December!

Watch the video of the girls below and be in Wonder :-)

Wonder Girls - Wonder Girls Meet Their American Fans
Music Videos at

Wonder Girls & JYP after Jo Bros tour
Wonder Girls at Teen Choice 09!

Wonder Girls send greetings from the Jonas Brothers Tour

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Anonymous said...

That was really good!!!!! I am so happy to see them. What a great interview!

Vic in Long Beach, CA


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