Friday, 16 October 2009

Han Sung’s banchan at Cold Storage outlets

Now you don’t have to slave in the kitchen to make Korean side dishes. All you need to do is pop into selected Cold Storage outlets and pick up a container - or two - of readily-made banchan!

Han Sung is selling their homemade kimchi and banchan at selected Cold Storage stores in the Klang Valley.

Choices, choices: Six banchan to choose from

“This weekend (Oct 17), we will be at the Cold Storage at IKANO Power Centre,” says Daisy Choi, public relations manager of Han Sung. “The following weekend, we will be at the Cold Storage outlet in Mid Valley.” <-- Oct 17 update: Change of plans, folks. Han Sung will be at the Cold Storage in Mid Valley today. - Liz

Say 'kimchi': Choi (left) and her hubby Yu-han during
the Han Sung banchan promotion at Cold Storage, KLCC on Oct 10.

You can’t miss Choi and her crew as the ladies will be decked out in the traditional Hanbok. Apart from that, you can sample the banchan that are on sale.

Try me!: Sample some of the delights before buying

Here is the list of what’s on the shelves:

멸치 (myeol-chi) – Fried anchovies! There are two types of banchan made with anchovies – spicy and non-spicy.

마른 생선 (ma-reun saeng-seon) – Dried fish, which is a rather chewy side dish.

오징 오채 (o-jing o-chae) – Fried cuttlefish - rather chewy as well.

콩장 (kong-jang) – Seasoned black beans (my personal favourite!)

And last but definitely not the least, 김치 (kimchi), the cabbage kind, which is a must-have at every Korean meal.

The banchan are selling at RM9.90 each. Currently, if you buy 5 banchan, you’ll get 1 free. You can choose either the Seasoned Black Beans or Kimchi as your free gift.

Promotion: Buy 5, get 1 free!

Han Sung also has plans to offer their homemade banchan at Jusco and Isetan outlets in the Klang Valley. Stay tuned to K-popped! as we bring you more yummilicious news in the future.

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MiszRainbow said...

is it Halal for muslim? lately, to many korean food at jusco.. but, i'm just curious to buy because it don't have halal logo. all the foods is halal or not? i want to try~

Liz said...

Hi MiszRainbow, it says on the cover that it is "Pork Free"...and I know that that alone does not mean that the food is halal.

I guess for Muslims to be on the safe side, only buy products that have the halal logo.

LynlynLYN. said...

Thank God they're having it in Jusco as well. From what I heard, Cold Storage isn't a really nice place to do groceries. :/

|| Lyññ || said...

AHH!! Sad for me, I'm not a fan of Kimchi but I absolutely love the myeol-chi!! My favourite! hehe... I like the seasoned black beans as well... I wanna buy some =(

~ illa =,= said...

huhu....i want to try...but it isn't halal...well,it's ok..i can eat it in my dream where it'll be halal..hehehe

Ayumi said...

Lurrrve spicy dried squids & anchovies, kimchi, and 'go-choo-jang' (hot pepper paste..Hansung makes very yummy gochoojang).

I tried them with freshly cooked rice, nori (dried seaweed sheets) and miso soup and they were out of this world!
Bought them from Cold Storage at "Gardens" in Mid valley.

Are they really gonna sell them at Jusco, too?

Jusco Vs. Cold Storage...hmmmm, I like both, actually.
Jusco seems to have more Jap food products.
Love teabag style drip coffee.

But if I wanna buy some good salad dressings (such as balsamic, Italian or blue cheese dressings) or cinnamon bagels or Dr. Pepper, I go to Cold Storage ^^.


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