Saturday, 17 October 2009

Singpore gets Seoul’d Out 2009

K-popped! Malaysians, you’re not gonna like this.

Korean stars are making their way to Singapore for the Seoul’d Out 2009 celebration in conjunction with the Sundown Festival (

Performing live at the event are T-Max, Brown Eyed Girls, F.T. Island, Mario and Lee Ji-su.

Early bird tickets are priced at $65. The k-pop event will be held at the Fort Canning Park on Dec 12.

Why is it that K-pop stars love going to other South East Asian countries and not Malaysia? Are our local event organisers that incompetent?

Is anyone flying over to Singapore to catch this event?

If you’re not, then maybe we can appease your kpop craving with this sexy video by Brown Eyed Girls: Abracadabra -- exactly what K-popped! Malaysians need, a little magic to make Kpop entertainment happen in our country :-P.


Serene said...

i really hope they're coming to msia one day ler..


Please envy Thailand instead. They get them like practically every week! Singapore gets them once a year. Twice if we are lucky.

~ illa =,= said... sad...but i'm not that sad coz there's no super junior..hihi..but i want to see ft. island too!!!!!why is it so hard for them to come to msia..=(

ft island said...

exactly our local organisers are worried that mostly malaysian are not interested in such things.
they afraid that nobody will come..
(since k-pop mostly is loved by chinese and a lil bit of malays)
hell yeah,i will come if such event is being organized.

azurastar ♥ said...

yay yay yay! <3<3<3
OMG, this just so awesome,
gosh.. i'm definately going,
no matter what, i don't care!!!
sense my joy. :DDDDD

~lyne~ said...

omg. i just realised i'll be in singapore at that time!!! omg ! i am so going!!

|| Lyññ || said...

uggghhh!! I wanna see BEG AND FTI!! Jealous... Wrong timing... I'll b in Sg on the 18th n 19th =(

azurastar ♥ don't forget to share some pics =)

Rachmawati said...

whooo reeally wanna go from malaysia? is someone already bought the ticket?

CHERYL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CHERYL said...

i already bought mine :) i'm definitely going lol :DD

afiqah said...

damn...i dunno why the event management think dat malaysians are not interested in k-pop concert..we do love it okkk!!!

huhu..ill be going back to singapore on the 2oth, i hope i can bring forward the date..arrgghhh

xiao ah di jun jun n wo gao yu xiao tang guo said...

hi!!! YAY!!! lol im going too~~~!!! i realized that i happened to be in sg for seoul'd out (which is today) im sooo going!!! ive already got my ticket~


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