Sunday, 18 October 2009

Lee Min-ho in Malaysia for Etude House

Actor Lee Min-ho of Boys Before Flowers is set to go on a promotional tour for Korean beauty brand Etude House and Malaysia is on his list of stops!

The 22-year-old, who is the face of the brand, will be stopping by Taiwan (Oct 23), Singapore (Oct 24) and finally, Malaysia (Oct 25).

Lee Min-ho surprise: Hello Malaysia, I'm visiting you real soon!

We don’t know which Etude House outlet he’ll be at when he comes to our country, and the information at the official Etude House website doesn’t help at all. “Check local listings for the times and places.” – What on earth does that mean?

Is Lee Min-ho’s visit such a regular thing that we have “showtimes” for it? I don’t know where to look. If you do, please point us in the right direction. 감사합니다.

Source: K-popped! reader Wawa & Etude Global

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sally83 said...

According to Sinchew Daily he will be in Sg Wang on 25th Oct

Serene said...

thr's not much info on that
i heard abt him going to sg wang too,
but it's not confirmed.

pls confirm asap!!

-Eun27- said...

Hmm, if you see in any Etude House outlet, they show it there.

From what I saw, it's going to be in Sungei Wang, 5pm for Fansigning and Product launching. I don't know how long is it for though~

|| Lyññ || said...

SERIOUS??If it's at Sg Wang then my hopes of going to meet him will be ZERO... it's tooo far away for me... gah... why Sg Wang?? *sobs*

Ramyeon said...

wow how lucky that he comes to malaysia. Wish he would copme to germany too xD

btw you wrote g-EO-m sa hamnida
its g-A-msa hamnida ;)

lg ramyeon ^O^

~*Jasmine*~ said...

I saw the poster thingy outside the Etude House shop in Malaysia.

25th October (Sunday) 5PM at Sungei Wang (KL)

Fansigning and Product Launching.

Disappointed! I can't go~ Some students are having their Final Exams

Hope any Min Ho fans from Malaysia will share the pics and experience with us


Sandra said...

but why sg wang of all places...=(
horrendous traffic..
Dont care must go! Ill take the monorail!

riddikulus said...

omg! i wanna go! pls give us more updates ;]

hanys said...

OMG! cant wait to meet him.. herm.. hopefully i got time..

Wawa said...

it is confirmed! yeahhhhhhhhhhh....

25th Oct 2009 (Sun) @ Sg. Wang Plaza, 5PM!

and i'm glad it will be on Sunday!!! *banana dance*

Liz said...

@Ramyeon - Thanks for the alert. Have changed the spelling :-P

Sungei Wang at 5pm on Sunday? Ah, of all the outlets they have to choose that one? Thanks for the update guys.

Ayumi said...

Ahhhh, am thinking about not going to Langkawi this weekend (which I'd originally planned) but
hit the Lee Min-ho fansigning event!
Can't believe he's FINALLY coming to Malaysia, wahhh~
I've made even some French and German guys huge fans of 'Boys Over Flowers', hehe.
Hope there'll not be too many people at the signing gig...

Liz & Wawa, thank u gals so much for the info~!

SuperKoMe! said...

jun least you will come to malaysia. welcome to malaysia oppa! min-ho fighting!! jun-pyo fighting!!

Rachel / 레이첼 said...

Why not 1utama?? No offense but 1Utama looks WAYYYYYY better than Sungai Wang. Lee Min Ho would prob be like..."Aiye, what kind of run down mall is this?"

payad~bisingla!! said...

i called etude and they confirmed 5pm at u have to buy their product worth RM 20 in order to get poster and get on stage to get Junpyo signing it! too bad my cousin is getting maaried ths sunday! so cannot so sad.

Orchid said...

Although the outlet in 1Utama might be nicer than compared to Sungai Wai, i think there will be more people at the Sg Wang outlet. Hence...more can view Lee Min-ho (Gu Jun Pyo!).

kinka_rocsta said...

yup,i wonder too why not OU or times square which have the etude house outlet with wayy better ambiance and hospitality.but that's that, it is,gotta hit there for the queue as earliest as possible!!!lee min ho,im coming for you!!!hopefully i can take photos with him on that day!!!may i know who is the event organiser responsible to bring Lee min ho down to Malaysia????please.....

Wawa said...

owh, don't worry guys! they are not going to do at the EH's outlet! the launching & signing session will be held at the the concourse area ^^

i bought EH's product and received the poster already! now waiting for Sunday to come ^^

|| Lyññ || said...
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|| Lyññ || said...

Lee MinHo or exams???

Looks like I'll have to sacrifice Lee Min Ho =(
Exams are more important than meeting him... sighs... It's possible to meet him some other time but it's not possible for me to take my exam twice. I mean I can but WHO WANTS TO? *touch wood*

Please share with us yr experience!! and of course pic spams! Haha...

Ayumi said...

Lots of Korea-related events seem to be taking place at Sungeiwang Plaza..

Hope Minho will chill afterwards at a more sophisticated mall like 'Pavillion' nearby (
that has a superb Korean restaurant, "Da-on"!)*^^*

Still can't believe da legend is coming!!
Heard he's even more charismatic in person;
a Jap reporter cited that LMH was sooo standing out and super-shining he looked even taller than a door near him (I guess she meant 'his presence' was...).

Seriously, I guess somebody gotta prepare ambulences this Sunday!*hyperventilating*;-))ahhHHH

Chasing Rainbow said...

Hey everyone! Just wondering where will he specifically be in Sungai Wang? Like the specific location. Which shopping centre? Sorry I’m pretty unfamiliar with Sungai Wang. Hope you all can help me out with the specific place as my friends and I are planning to head down there. Hope you can help me out here. Much appreciated.

Chasing Rainbow said...

Also, I forgot will he only be signing the products that are bought on that day or we can go to any Etude outlets for example Sunway Pyramid few days before to get something from Etude House and get him to sign it that day? It’s ok if we don’t buy anything and just have a look aye? Would they be checking our receipts or something? Apologize asking so much. Thanks.

Ayumi said...

I's a little confusing to find it.
It's near 'Lot 10' mall near 'Bukit Bintang' station.

For the exact location,

copy & paste this site:

click on 'View Enlargement' of
'Sungeiwang Location Map'

iman atira (: said...

omg!im having my finals!oh still going !!! :DDDDD hahaha.the other i met jihoo!now junpyo! WEEE! :D

iman atira (: said...

omg!im having my finals!oh still going !!! :DDDDD hahaha.the other i met jihoo!now junpyo! WEEE! :D

Ayumi said...

If you buy over RM20 worth of Etude cosmetics, you'll get a poster, on which Minho will be signing.

I got one last night;
luv their moisturisers, yummy& fruity hand lotions, body lotions, overnight moisturizing massage cream, cookie blushers and above all, their mascaras that will make u look like dolls.

In Korea, Etude shops are always very crowded with customers cuz
the cosmetics are much cheaper (than here) and they give out sooo many samples.
Malaysian outlets should learn from them!

Well, I really wanna recommend yo guys to get a hold of da poster already before hitting the 25th autograph session!
The number of posters are LIMITED and it might be VERY hard to get one this Sunday
(in my experience with SS501 autograph session..Imagine thousands of people want to buy posters on the 25th!)
Hope this time, it will be well-organized..

Read in Singapore, a ticket for Oct.24th LMH autograph session costs Sg$400, sheeesh.
23rd in Ximen Ding, Taipei
24th in Singapore
25th in Malaysia
We are so lucky..he chose Malaysia over Hong Kong, LOL

Wawa said...

here is quite IMPORTANT info on the event!!! please take note!!!

FYI, there's 2 posters of LMH that Etude House have! a poster with only Lee Min Ho & another poster is Minho with a cat! the poster that will be used for this Sunday event will be LMH with a cat! if you receive a wrong poster, go back to the shop and asked them to change!

actually, after i bought the stuffs on Tuesday, my friend did tell me, how they will know that we just bought the stuffs since her friend that bought EH's product 2 months ago, also received LMH's poster! but today, EH staff from One Utama (that's where i bought my stuffs) called and asked whether i receive the correct poster for this Sunday! and if don't, she asked me to come & change the poster! so, i assume, the poster of LMH with a cat is exclusively printed for the event & that is how they differentiate it with new & old posters!

lizashafinaz said...

Min Ho Oppaaaa.....i'm waiting 4 u.....

FANA said...

macam mane nak dptkan sign dy?


아이스Aiseu said...

lol...i'm going but i dun think i'll get any autograph...yikes...nvm...better than cannot see...

This comment has been removed by the author.

im going yayyyyy :D

iman atira (: said...

i got my posters and everything today! quick update : you guys better hurry up cause the posters are very limited!BE FAST!
see you this sunday oppa! :DD

Blue Damask said...

girls, better bring some permanent marker! (just in case)

hoping for a better managed event this time around..

Ayumi said...

Wawa, thanks!

I've just checked -- a kawaii cat is nicely perching on da super-sugoi Mino, hehe.

I think all the posters you get nowadays are for the Sunday autograph event, hence Minho with a cat.
But to be on the safe side, better to double-check!
Sooo interesting~

Chasing Rainbow said...

Ayumi thanks for the info you have given me. It’s great help. The shopping centre itself, where is the event gonna be held? Is it at the concourse area? I guess I’ll have to head down tomorrow to buy stuffs to get his poster but what are the chances of getting him to sign? Maybe by the time it’s my turn he might be too tired isn’t it? I mean they can decide when to stop the autograph even there could be many fans still waiting for him to sign. Oh one more last thing, do we have to keep the receipt? Will they check on that day?

Wawa said...


bad for me! the salesperson gave me a wrong posters! i think the EH's staff @ OneU outlet just realised they gave a wrong poster to the customer for this Sunday event! lucky me, i wrote down my handphone number for their customer sticker card, so they called me to make sure about it! nad asked me to come & change the poster if it wasn't d poster of LMH with a cat!

since i left my poster at home, i can't check immediately! d moment i reach home, DANG! THEY GAVE ME A WRONG POSTER! need to drop by OneU after my office hour today >,<

Wawa said...


yes! it will be at the concourse area! well, they didn't say anything about the receipt but from the issue i just had, the poster that will be used for the event will be a poster of LMH with a cat! check it after you got d poster! EH has more than 1 type of LMH's poster!

cutestcat787 said...
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cutestcat787 said...

>>'Chasing Rainbow' said...
Ayumi thanks for the info you have given me<<

It's my pleasure~!

Anything can happen if the event gets mis-organized..we never know.

Let's pray at least those who got limited edition posters will ALL get autographed.
Actually, for me, getting his signature is not that important. Just wanna see him once..

That's why I really like the fact that the signing venue will be at concourse area..(not like in a closed room with SS501's case),
so hopefully, I could apprecaite Mino for a full one-hour!

Sorry for what you have gone careless of them!
They should compensate for your travel fee or at least give you out some samples or facial sheets *wink*

Since this morning, my heart has been pumping like craaazy with anticipation for this Sunday - too much adrenalin!

Minho will be in Ximen Ding, Taipei today at 4 or 4:30 pm! Ximen is a bit like Harajuku, such a fun place...
Hope he'll enjoy the cool funky ambience there!


Wawa said...

since this fan meeting session will be held at public area, i think whether u manage to get the siggy doesn't matter coz u'll still see him live!!! but of course getting the siggy means, you can get nearer to him for few secs actually... hahaha!

Ayumi said...

Minho's itinerary in Singapore as reported (Credit: soompi)

24 Oct 2009
12:30pm Arrival at Changi airport (Flight BR225)
15:30-16:30 Plaza Singapura
16:30-18:00 Fan meet at St James

25 Oct 2009
12:50 Depart Singapore to Malaysia (MI336)

In Singapore, he seems to have an additional 1&a half hr Fan Meeting..
Maybe that's why the ticket cost that much!

I guess some fans from Singapore and Thailand might fly to join Malaysia fan meeting on Sunday (just like SS501 signing event.)

Off the topic.....during the lunch break, my friend sent me this youtube video on how a middle-aged American guy happened to get addicted to Korean dramas and
got to visit Korea!

And as a bonus:),

here's the video of Minho leaving Korea for Taiwan~

Ayumi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ayumi said...

Sorry for scribbling so frequently..^^

OMG, heard Mino will be staying in Kuala Lumpur at least till 27th night or 28th!

Only one day respectively in Taipei and Singapore, but in KL, over 3 days..Wow
Probably attending Etude biz-related events or pardees.

I have a feeling if you'd hang out at KLCC Suria/Twin Tower on 26th, you might be able to catch a glimpse of Mino hopping around with his black sunglasses on, haha
He has a habit of looking around landmark places of a city he visits one day after his fan meetings.

Anyone knows at which hotel he'll be staying? At Pacific Regency?

He was warmly greeted by paparazzis and fans at Taipei airport this afternoon.
Wonder if anyone will be going to Mal airport to greet him this Sunday?
He'll depart Singapore at 12:50, Oct 25 to Malaysia (MI336).

Wawa said...

ayumi, my friend also did tell me Minho going to be in m'sia for 3D2N... wohooooooooooooo! i'm not going to airport to welcome him since i'm scared i'll be too rush for Sg. Wang!

Ayumi said...

>>i'm not going to airport to welcome him since i'm scared i'll be too rush for Sg. Wang!<<

Yeah, u r right!!

Hope all k-popped readers will be able to shake hands with Minho~*

Wawa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ayumi said...

Wawa, thanks for da info.
U r so well-informed!

Usually press conferences are strictly for reporters
(a few yrs back, I tried to sneak in Yon sama's press conference and got refused, grrr)
Maybe k-popped trios might be able to get in there?

Actually, if you know the exact hotel where he'll be staying, you might be able to see him hanging out in the lobby/ chillin' at the poolside or dining at hotel restaurants;))
Thai fans (um, I'd say, stalkers) witnessed that!

Ayumi said...

Taiwan news reporting LMH's arrival live from the airport, talking bout the quality of the hotel room where he'll be staying, the food he'll be served, etc.

tyra lovegood said...

oh no!!! i couldn't go!!! i have to choose my exam over my lover..too soooo sad...

sc said...

what hotel is he going to stay?
if get any news can just updates here?thx

Sandra said...

omg!! i live really near klcc.... maybe i can see him!!! =D

cant wait til sunday! ill have to go get the poster 2moro! hope im not too late. did anyone get their poster from the sunway pyramid outlet/

raihanah said...

it since a week i just read what you all post...but this time i think i should write something about lee minho coming to malaysia.... ~thanks for WAWA & AYUMI for their informations.... i love their update.... for wawa and ayumi will you add me at ~loves to know all of update about minho~

Ayumi said...

Thanks, raihanah~Sure!^-^

I really didn't intend to write this much...
Just sooo psychiced that our 'Gu Joon-Pyo' is finally coming to Malaysia!

Actually, better than GJP cuz real Minho has way better personality!

LMH had a fan meeting/signing yesterday afternoon in Ximen ding, Taipei (chk out da madness there!)and
a pardee with fans at the posh club called 'Luxy'~

A clip from Taipei -

TVBS News Lee Min Ho @ Taiwan

Lee Min Ho really seems to dig black color; he wears either black, grey or white or the combination:)
I think he would look cool also in 'navy blue'!

Liz said...

You gals are awesome! Everyone's so excited about the LMH autograph session by Etude House :-).

No, the K-popped! Trio are not invited for the press conference.

In fact, as you would have noticed lately, we are too caught up with our day jobs that we can't do as much as we want to for K-popped! :-(

I'm heartbroken...but someone's gotta pay the bills :-P

Do share with us your experiences and pics/ vids and we may publish it at our site :-).

Sandra said...

the k-popped! trio not going to sg wang 2moro? boooo..=(

i thought i wud be able to play "spot the liz, rooster and orchid" LOL

raihanah said...

ooo know....

every second i think for tomorow

evening event....yahooo....

but....i do not want to put to much

hope...because i will totally

frustrated if i don't have a

chance to see him....

wish tomorow event nothing bad

happen and all his fans will

satisfied with his coming to

malaysia and hopefully, the

organizer will organize the event

much better....


see you there.....!!!

Ayumi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ayumi said...

>>No, the K-popped! Trio are not invited for the press conference.<<

Oh, no. Your site and you guys are the most renowned Korea-related press and reporters in Malaysia!!

k-popped is read by Korea enthusiasts around the world...
Maybe you could talk to organizers of Lee Min Ho events!
Inviting you gals to the press conference would probably be one of the best ways to market Etude in Malaysia!

Heard reporters were also invited to Etude's new product launch show, where Minho will introduce the new collagen products at the magnificent 'Luna bar'!
I wish I were a reporter or an insider, hehe

At least you guys should come to Sg wang shop launch/fan signing gig this Sunday!
Don't worry about your privacy...there will be waaay too many people to recognize you guys.

I remember Orchid was a big fan of BOF and Lee Min Ho!!

Also, regarding being too busy with a day job..I totally feel for ya...Hope you have time to date with a nice dude*wink*

Sandra said...

just to double check..
the poster is the one where there is a cat doll on his shoulder?
theres also a printed autograph at the bottom right?

Wawa said...


yeah, your poster must be a pic LMH with a cat on his shoulder with a word You're My Girl at d bottom of d poster...of

kinka_rocsta said...

seriously counting hours to meet him!!!i am so nervous coz i havent bought the posters and ne stuff from etude house yett since i can only get bck to kl from spore tonite!!!hopefully tomorrow as soon as the oulet opens in the morning,i can crash in and be lucky at least!then have to rush for makeover and come back again to sg wang for the ultimatum moment!im hoping he would come on stage and do bit of interaction session/sing a song for the fans in Malaysia!!!saranghin GJP!!!:)
--and many2 beautiful thanks to ayumi&wawa for helpful dosage of infos!!!hope to see nice&friendly fans of Mino dear tomorrow too!!:)

Ayumi said...

@kinka rocsta
>>hopefully tomorrow as soon as the oulet opens in the morning,i can crash in and be lucky at least!then have to rush for makeover<<

Makeovcer, haha, brilliant~* Good idea, why didn't I think of that?!
Ok, I'll at least wash my hair and wear Etude mascara >-<, hehe

Hey, guys, here are some basic Korean expressions you could say to Minho!
He'll be pleasantly surprised...

(Hello/how r u?)

'gahm-sah-hahm-ni-da' (Thank u)

(I missed u)

Minho-ssih, 'jahl-seng-kyuh-ssuh-yo'!
(Minho, you are handsome!)

You can add 'oppa' (literally meaning 'brother' but when calling an idol)
either at the front or at the end of the above expressions like this:

oppa, 'ahn-nyung-ha-se-yo'~
'ahn-nyung-ha-se-yo', oopa~

oopa, bo-go-sip-puh-ssuh-yo~
bo-go-sip-puh-ssuh-yo, oppa~

Maybe memorize only one expression!
Ahhh, I wonder if I can sleep tonite.

raihanah said...

oh...i heard the etude house at

singapore plaza had been canceled

because there were so many people

and the organizer worried for

accident could happen....

i hope all the malaysian girl just

stay cool tomorrow so all of fans

can meet lee minho.....

hope the organiser will be well-

organized and prepare the stage..

i really wonder that the same

happen in singapore happen in

malaysia-hopefully not..

i hope nothing bad happen


wished our lucky day tomorrow


Ayumi said...

raihanah, thanks for da news~
Fans in Singapore must have been really disapointed *sighz* -

MinozSingapore fans had gathered money and even put a Minho-welcome ad in local newspapers.

SS501 fan meeting in KL last time was a total mess and so unorganized..I was worried accidents might happen any time.

We should really behave ourselves tomorrow!

Sandra said...

gosh i hope that doesnt happppenn!!!
lol how to pronounce jahl seng..T.T..

Ayumi said...

Credit -

(Popular Korean star Lee Min Ho arrived Singapore at noon today, initial plan was to attend the 'meet the fans' event at Plaza Singapore EH.

When reporters reached the venue, the shopping mall was crowded with thousands of fans,causing the traffic at the mall to a halt.

4 shops on the same level as EH was forced to pull down their shop shutter.
Due to security reason, the organizer decided to cancel the event.....)

Seriously, am starting to get worried...
Is Sg Wang concourse big enough to accomodate thousands of people?

As tomorrow's Sunday, it could be already packed with shoppers?

In Singapore, obviously the venue was too small and the Etude organizers didn't expect that huuuuge excited crowd!

Someone who saw Minho at the airport and in the street in Sg cites:
"Minho's exceptionally good looking in real life it's insane....I got absolutely speechless and in awe at how gorgeous he looks."

Ayumi said...

>>lol how to pronounce jahl seng..T.T..<<

Yo, Sandra~
haha, maybe
it could be transcribed as
'jarl-sang..' too.

'jarl-sang-kyuh-suh-yo', oppa!

|| Lyññ || said...

Sg. Wang's concourse area is really not big to accomodate thousands of people... I mean it's already packed with stalls and it's a Sunday!
From what I remembered, Ion Orchard is HUGE!! I'm not sure whr EH was located cuz I didn't know thr was one... but it seriously is very spacious...

They should have picked 1U... The concourse area in the new wing is HUGE! Lots of empty spaces for people to spazz at him from upstairs as well! haha...

I hope everything goes well tmr...

Liz said...

All the best for the event gals!

Ayumi thank you for the lovely note you left us. We have another appointment to attend thus no Korean hunk chasing later today :-P

Wawa said...

OMG... i heard bout the fan meeting was cancelled in Singapore too but i don't know the reason!!! seriously, i hope M'sian fans are under control tomorrow and everything will go smoothly...

arghhh... i planned to reach there latest by 12.30 and some of my friends did say, ISN'T IT TOO LATE???! still, i can't make it earlier than that or my mom will call me crazy! >,<

Ayumi said...

>>They should have picked 1U... The concourse area in the new wing is HUGE!<<

Yeah, I agree...Sg Wang has been holding Kor/Jap/HK/Twanese celeb events, which is the reason they chose this venue in the first place.

I think the Etude organizer should strictly make fans queue and distribute tickets like in a bank so that the fans will be signed in that order -
if I get to meet the organizer, I might suggest this...

Last time with SS501's case, as soon as the time reached 6pm and someone yelled, "HJ oppa",
the line just crumbled and it became a totally mess.
I had been waiting for 3 hrs and ended up not seeing even any face of SS501 (the signing took place in a closed room)
I really think today's success depends on fans' attitudes and orderliness.

Minho had a big-scale leg surgery done this June or July, which needs about4~5 month rehabilitation.
His manager is, I guess, a bit cautious not to let him injured; you must have noticed in Tw videos his body guard yelling approachers at the airport, "Don't touch, no touch."

Wow, that early? I'll go hiking to Frim now with my pals (instead of going to Langkawi which I had originally planned) and hit the signing session at 3-ish.

Hope I could catch MH, ahhh

Thanks for ur kind words~ Aww, you already have an appointment to attend -- Have a groovy Sunday!

Gals & dudes, good luck today and let us all behave!!

Danny Foo said...

I'll be there to secure a spot for Cameranoob. Will pass along pictars to Liz if I get some good shots. :)

milo said...

I'm going...but feel nervous bout the whole event..just dont wanna it to be canceled in the last minute... *pray for the best*

c u guys there!~!

Anonymous said...

im going right now, i hope nothign bad happens T-T
i scrolled and looked at all the comments, thank you for all the information!
ily ♥

raihanah said...

i'm still at the bed..

i'm plan to go at 3.00..

it's too late...???

nvr mind...

just will look him at far is enough..


gudluck eveybody!!!!

kinka_rocsta said...

O h m y G o d !2 more hours to go but everyone is still waiting n sweating patiently in everybody's hugging body..anddont worry guys plenty more posters to grab!let's handle ourselves calmly and get into the crowd in good behaviour,we just wanna hv fun in good spirit coz we are the true fan of mino!Aja Aja bassyyaaa!

Wawa said...


i didn't get him to sign my poster! the signing session only last for 20 minutes and i think less than 50 fans manage to get their poster signed... i hate when they make us to buy their stuffs and it was like a promise, as long as you have the stuff needed, u'll get your poster signed!!! but in the end, we went home with a dissapointment >,<

but at least i can see how gorgeous he is! Lee Min Ho is totally freaking good looking...

아이스Aiseu said... leg burn up a dream lar...can't believe its over...

raihanah said...


at last..

i got to see him...!!


he so sweet and gorgeous!!!

love him so much..

even thought i only see him from

the far, its enough already..

oh...the fans girl pushed each other as i can saw from the top...

poor them...

they were willing to wait minho from morning until evening..

u r the best!!!

go lee minho....

where are u stay tonight minho???


Anonymous said...

the event organizer for lee min ho @ sg wang plaza totally sucked! spent lots of cash on etude house products & got the poster... waited for hours some more... he only came at 6 pm! and left at 6.30 - wtf??? was disappointed big time coz like wawa, wasn't given the chance to get his autograph!!! many of us were really frustrated! but on the positive side... got to see him really close while he was on this way back... gosh! he's sooooooooooo gorgeous! and loveeeee his height & complexion!!! rasa nak tarik dia & cium je bwahahaha~~ my cousin really got the chance to grab his hand and she hadn't washed her hands since bwahahaha~~~ but really... felt cheated by etude house coz they promised that purchase above rm20 came with a poster for his autograph... :(

Ayumi said...

Sorry for a looong 'stream of consciousness' style writing:

Hey, girls~
I've just arrived home now after drinking/chatting with my buddies.

Ahhhh, finally over..actually rather than thinking it's finally over, I feel like stalking him tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, hehe.

But his schedule seems to be kept under wraps.

Except that he's gonna launch a new Etude collagen product line at Luna Bar (only the press people are invited!)
If any reporter's out there, can anyone take me there, plllllssss?^^

I kinda understand now
why so many Jap Miss + Mrs take a one-month language course in Seoul and rent a room near Yon sama's house, stalk him wherever he goes!
I despised them *sigh*

I was teased so much today by hiking pals for my today's groupie behavior...
but anyone who was addicted to BOF will understand this behavior of mine, right?!
When I get older, this will remain as one of the precious memories of my youth..

Ok, when I finally arrived at Sungei Wang Plaza (after demanding hiking in Frim with pals) at around 2:45, the concourse area was already packed!
At around 4 pm, all the floors got full of people looking down the concourse.

I'd been waiting, standing surrounded by fans like in a can of sardines till 5pm...
Turned out the meeting would start at 6pm.
My legs felt heavy and I was hungry (skipped lunch & supper), thirsty, above all, the heat was unbearable.
Felt as if I were in sauna!

From 5 till 6pm, there was soooo much anticipation in the air people started to yell Lee Min Ho's name.

My heart was thumping thumping thuuumping so fast I thought I was gonna have a heart attack.

After lots of false alarms and tantalizing moments, FINALLY our Gu Joon Pyo appeared!

Wow, he totally looked like an adonis despite super-strong lighting and his skin was great (usually, wihtout eyeliners and everything, it's hard to look that pretty in such strong lighting).

Minho was wearing beige pants, grey cardigan, checked shirt and a red bow tie.
Sooo kawaii + hot + naive & evilishly sexxxy at the same time! Very friendly, too~

You know he has a stage actor's voice..very nice voice, but couldn't hear well due to too much screaming from fans, grrr.

There was a short greeting from Minho, followed by a photo session with the press, and then, immediately signing session started.

As Wawa mentioned, only about 50 people got signed.
He blew his trademark ice cream-melty smile to each and everyone, ahhh while shaking hands with them.

This is the first time I felt like DOing someone (sorry for da obscenity in a muslim country, haha).
Felt like kindnapping him, oOops.

Some funny gals kept exclaiming,
'oh, he's So beautiful, So handsome.
Minho, be my husband.
Marry me, blar, blar.'

Although I didn't have his signature on my poster, I thank for the fact the autograph session DID take place
and that I could see Minho for full 20 mins.
Wished it was 1 hr, though!

Although he was very friendly and smiley, I sensed he's a shy person.
Can't believe he played such a cocky character like 'Junpyo' - great actor!

Wondered where he had dinner after the fan meeting.
Usually, Kor celebs nearly always eat Korean food when they are abroad.
Maybe Goryeo-Won at Starhills Gallery or Da-on at Pavilion near Sg Wang?

Minho must be very exhausted...after numerous events in Taipei, Singapore and now in KL.

If anyone sees him in town, pls let us know how, when, where you saw him~
Does anyone know in which hotel he stays? Sunway Lagoon, wawa?

But from tomorrow, I gotta work REAL hard (meeting 2 deadlines, etc.)*sigh*

Gotta hit the sack now..Good night, guys and

pls share your story or any sightings of Minho with us!! *giddy with overwhelming happiness and heartbroken*

Ayumi said...

Did I mention that he has a killer smile, very beautiful glittering (rather sparkling, hehe) eyes and dimples to die for?
If he'd smile at you, you would be sleepless for a week!

And gosh, he's so tall (186cm) and has broad shoulders.

If I were an organizer, I would have played OST music from BOF
show some episodes from BOF
or Lee Min ho video clips while fans were waiting for hrs, bored and hot!

They were playing some irrelevant Jap/Chi pop and some cheap techno sh*ts most of the time and showing some weird American ads.

Chck these out~*

Lee Min Ho fan cam, Sg Wang Plaza, Oct 25

LMH's hectic day in Singapore -FULL STORY

and as a bonus..

My all-time fav collection of
Lee Min Ho hot clips from BOF

Wawa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wawa said...


yeah! what a killer smile he had! i was like keep mentioning to my friend, OMG! HE'S FREAKING HANDSOME! I WANNA FAINT & I PUT MY HEAD ON HER SHOULDER... hahahaha!

well, he actually stays at the hotel in KLCC area... and like Ayumi said, his schedule is totally freaking private & not easy to dig...

actually, i' already expected not all fans will get his signature, but i never expected the signing session will only last for 20 minutes! i thought at least, 1 hour... *sigh*

but as much as i'm a bit disappointed with the autograph session but i'm still grateful can see this ultimate GOO JUN PYO in front of my eyes... he looked cute with that bow...

sharing my so-so pictures of the fan meeting:

Ayumi said...

Wawa, thanks for da photos - wow, you took so many!
Am secretly chcking out all your photos..:)

>>well, he actually stays at the hotel in KLCC area...<<

Good for him!
Sg Wang Plaza is such a dump - it has more like a cheap market atmosphere than a sophisticated mall.
I was thinking why the heck they hold the event here rather than the magnificent 'Times Square' right across...?!

Hope he'll chck out KLCC Suria/twin tower, Bukit Bintang nite life and superb LA style malls, China town, Central Market nearby!
Great location.
Hope he'll chill at a nice 5-star hotel poolside with his staffs and enjoy scrumptious Malaysian food!

102509 Lee Min Ho at KLIA Airport

Clearer front view of Lee Min Ho at Sg Wang 25/10/09

(Is it just me?
His shoulders got broader..and tiny waist. He has a super-model physique. Looks hotter than adonis or any other Hollywood actor!)

still suffering from

|| Lyññ || said...

Gosh! I'm so jealous just reading yr posts and looking at the pics and vid!! Sad that u guys didn't get his siggie but on the bright side, u guys got to SEE HIM! =)

ooo... staying around KLCC area?? Mandarin Oriental ar? That's the nearest to KLCC ...Someone go and stalk him!! Hahaha... If only I didn't have any exams this week... *sighs*

Ayumi said...

>>Gosh! I'm so jealous just reading yr posts and looking at the pics and vid<<

Yeah, Lynn, it was worth the wait!

Minho promised at the end of his speech that
he would come back to Malaysia for a longer meeting with fans next time
(*see the last youtube video above)!
Hope you'll see him next time~

Taking binoculars is a must for such a fan meeting with a celeb!

I think this woman named 'Lisa Yap' knows in details about Minho's schedule and stuff
(she picked Minho up at KLIA airport and her sister was the hostess for yesterday's fan meeting.)

Chck this out~

Lee Min Ho photos in Malaysia - Day 1

Her schedule says:
*** Lee Min Ho in Malaysia Day 2

*** Lee Min Ho in Malaysia Day 3
*** Press Conference
- Etude House

I freakin' envy her!!!!!

By the way, heard MH would depart for Seoul at 11 pm, 27th.

Wawa said...

lol... Lynn, when u mention Mandarin Oriental, i just realised i got a wrong hotel... NO! NO! he didn't stay at mandarin oriental...

his hotel is at Bukit Bintang/ Pavilion's area... >,<

Ayumi said...

Right after the fan meeting, the Chinese crew took them to 'Noble House' in Imbi,
a Chi restaurant 'coz they heard minho likes crabs; he enjoyed the dish there!

Ayumi said...

>>his hotel is at Bukit Bintang/ Pavilion's area... >,< <<

OMG, me and my pals, guessing he might eat at Daon, the Kor restaurant, had dinner & soju there
Wawa, Daon is at Pavilion!!
Dang, I missed him~

|| Lyññ || said...

whoa! Lisa Yap is sure one lucky girl! Man... I'm sure a lot of people envy her... Now we all know what we wanna be when we grow up... haha... An event organiser!! lol... in my next life at least... I'm already graduating with a bachelor's in science... haha...

hmmm... BB/pavilion area shud be either Westin or Marriot...

Ayumi said...

Yesss, Lynn, indeed Lisa Yap is a lucky girl!!

Actually, in my one of previous postings, I mentioned Minho might be staying at 'Pacific Regency Hotel'..

The reason why I thought so was that his 'press conference & the new product introduction show' was gonna be held at 'Luna Bar'.
I've been to Luna Bar a couple of times, (by the way, the ambience at nite there is superawesome and romantic) - it's located in Pacific Regency.

And guess what?
This hotel's near Bukit Bintang!

Originally, I thought it might be convenient for him to stay and rehearsal at the same hotel without having to fight the infamous 24 hr BBintang traffic jams;
the hotel's situated in the heart of KL's renowned Golden Triangle that boasts a marvellous and panoramic view of Bukit Bintang.

If my guess is right, maybe it's Pacific Regency Hotel..
but it's just my guess :)

Wawa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wawa said...

lol... are we playing which hotel that he is currently staying????

ayumi, nope! it is not Pacific Regency Hotel! the hotel start with the word JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ! kekeke... so, Lynn's guess, almost right! DANG~~~

raihanah said...



u know what...

ur feeling about minho same as me....

thanks for describing for me..


i'm not only obsessed but mostly

addicted to minho....


pliz2....where r u know....????

i'm not focus on my studying in class today as i'm thinking about him every second...


Ayumi said...

Wawa, aha, I got it!!!
How did you know?! You have a media friend?
Are you invited to the press conference tomorrow?

I think by this time, everyone must have guessed the hotel!*wink*

I gocha, haha.

But have no time to stalk Minho at the hotel...
If anyone spots him there or anywhere, pls post ur experience here~!

I guess this article in k-popped drew the most replies.
K-popped and wawa, thanks for the article -without your site, I wouldn't have known about this...

>>i'm not focus on my studying in class today as i'm thinking about him every second...
Exactly, raihanah.
Can't focus on work...when thinking he's somewhere under this sky!

Wawa said...


some of the fans stalked him at the hotel yesterday, including my friend!
as for the PC, i'm not invited of course plus, i'm working so not for me BUT i plan to go to KLIA tomorrow to send him off... weeeee! first, need to get permission from my mom >,<

Ayumi said...

>>as for the PC, i'm not invited of course plus, i'm working
so not for me BUT i plan to go to KLIA tomorrow to send him off... weeeee! first, need to get permission from my mom <<

Wawa, good luck with ur mom~~
And pls report bout it later if you can go to the airport!

I heard the press conference is gonna take about 3 hrs in the evening.
3 freakin' hrs with LMH, Jesus~
Lucky b**tards!!

Right after the press conference, Minho will hit the airport to Korea.

Ayumi said...

My friend in Singapore said
the reason why Singporeans were so craaazy mad about LMH's coming to Sg was because Oct.24th was the day that the last ep of BOF was going to be aired that nite in Sg!

Famous dailies such as 'Sunday Times', 'The Straits Times', etc. dealt with Minho's news as major stories in Singapore.

How about in Malaysia?
Any local newspapers covering F4 major player's visit to Malaysia?

Sorry, since I'm an expatriate, can't read the Malay language very well..yet:(
How about Chi newspapers?

In Japan, recently, the big event with LMH for this Nov was said to be sold out in less than an hour!!

There, Lee Min Ho is nowadays called as 'Min Sama' at last!
(Only three Kor celebs are dubbed as 'sama':
Yon Sama (Bae Yong Joon); Byon Sama (Lee Byung Hun) and now Min Sama (Lee Min Ho).
Sama is a higher title than datuk.

I found the following interview with Minho in Japan quite interesting!

Q: If you have 1 free month?
MH: After the tight schedule, preparing for the next projects, simultaneously, I also want to complete my own plans.
I’d love to travel the most. Venice, Italy.
I have heard that Venice is sinking. Before it sinks, I’d like to go.

Q: What's 'being a 22 year-old' like for you?
MH: I know that I don’t look like I’m 22 *laugh*
But I love meeting other people, playing games like people at my age and traveling with my family.

【 About next projects 】

Q: Is there any role that you will like to try out?
MH: Mysterious character.
I like horror films.
Kind of character has various faces.
Like the Korean drama called
” Bittersweet Life”.
I wanna try a role who’s wise and manly.

Q: Your next role?
MH: At the moment, I’m carefully considering the next work.
I have studied quite a few scripts.
I’d like to meet you in a great work soon (he mentioned in a Korean interview probably in 2010.)

Ayumi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ayumi said...

This is a Q & A session of Minho with selected exclusive fans
who paid sg$350~400 on Oct 24th.

When asked what he thinks of Singaporean women, he says they are all cute
(I guess he would have said the same thing
if he'd been asked what he thinks of Malaysian gals,
since Singaporeans/Malaysians look similar ^^)

Also, he mentioned he wouldn't mind age or nationality
as for his future girlfriend...hmmm, quite progressive thinking as a Korean dude!

As in Malaysia the fan meeting was mainly about the new Etude product, we didn't have this sort of Q & A session.
So I thought you might like this..Enjoy!

091024 Lee Min Ho @ SG Etude House Party

raihanah said...


can anyone tell me which hotel minho stayed??

i'm try to search, the only hotel start with j is only JW MARRIOTT Hotel???

it is true????

pliz2...~sis wawa,sis ayumi....


just want to know....

.my happy ending said...

me also can't concentrate at 'angau' in alay said...hahhahaa..cant stop talking about my experience in sg wang,and enthusiastically showed some love expressions on hm in front of them..they called me crazy already,and did help with some hints hotel for me to look for..i just wanna grab the chance while i still can..thanks wawa,for your help,i work around klcc area,hopefully i can still wait for him at the hotel since now is like his dinner time,he mite already went out..i am still having spasm each time i try to do something for someone i like..wish me luck!and others:ayumi,lynn,etc--thx for the encouragement words here..i envied lisa too.sigh.

Ayumi said...

Oh, yeah, JW MARRIOTT Hotel~
In the heart of BBintang!

I think
as long as fans do not bother Minho so's usual for fans to lurk around the lobby of a hotel where celebs stay -
but it'll take time and ton of patience, huhu

Ayumi said...

'my happy ending', 'Lynn', good luck gals on Minho hunting/sighting~!

Ayumi said...

Also, raihanah *wink*

raihanah said...


when i'm thinking back,,

minoz fans in malaysia are not

bigger than the other country...

maybe, BOF only aired in KBS


can u imagine if BOF aired in 8tv or other channel???

maybe, i cannot got the chance to see him...!!!


looked at singapore,there were huge fans came to see minho, and at last it was cancelled...

what i had read, on 24 oct, it was the BOF-final episode aired in Singapore........

~thanks to etude house~

*sorry for many post...hehhe...

raihanah said...


~thanks sis ayumi~

at least i knew which hotel he sleep tonight...hahahha....

dream that i got to enter his room right know...!!! is totally impossible!! how could i imagine that...

but i can't control...


~it's only the dream...~

Ayumi said...

Isn't it amazing that
one human-being can make women around Asia smile, laugh, cry and...dream?!
He makes women lusty (HaHa)
MH makes countless women DESIRE him!

I dream of the day they will make a 'sequel' of BOF some time~

but let's also not neglect our work or study..
Today, I was a bit over the top with writing..
I was like chcking this board every 10 mins, seaching for traces of LMH.
So tonight I'll have to catch up with my work, hehe

And pls share your stories with us if you get to see Minho at the hotel or in town somewhere!
The hotel where he's staying is approximately 100 meters away from Pavilion or Starhill Gallery, for your reference!

|| Lyññ || said...

whoa... This topic is really getting lots of ppls' attention... haha... 111 comments~~

Yea... J Marriot... The hotel rooms are REALLY NICE~~ My cousin had his wedding thr and we had one room for all the bridesmaids... Just for preparation~~ Coolness... Everything is in walking distance... walk downstairs, starhill gallery.... walk across the street, Pavillion... Further down is Lowyat, Lot 10, Sg wang etc...

Yey~~ Now he knows that there are fans here, he will sure come back one... haha... GAHhhh... I really despise my exams... I'm havin my finals this Thursday... If not, I would definitely go to Pavillion n hang out in Marriot... haha...

Going to the airport guys, don't forget to take lots of pics =)

Hehe... Nice knowing you guys...

Wawa said...

lol... 112 comments??? this is freaking crazee isn't it??? blame LMH for turning us like this... hahaha!

guess what, I'M GOING TO THE AIRPORT TOMORROW NIGHT! wanna send him off & take a the last glance of this hottie... hihihi!

Anonymous said...


pleeze take lots of recording / shots of min sama, okay?

kejar jangan tak kejar ;)!!!!

aja-aja hwaiting!

raihanah said...


~sis wawa pliz catch him at the airport ok!!!

pliz say our goodbye for him!!


raihanah said...

where minoz malaysia's fanclub?????

anyone know?????

.my happy ending said...

i went home bit frustrated again last nite,it's confirmed that the hotel is JW Marriot Hotel,do check out Lisa Yap updates,the location already leaked since there were fans also stayed in the same hotel just to see Min-sama closely..ough,they were bigger-hearted than me,i guess and they got frens to tag along too,unlike me staring across the road sitting on the stool alongside pavillion waiting for him to return from dinner..but i only caught a glimpse of the hot-photogapher-friend(i saw him at sg wang the day before with LMH crew)walking out the hotel for dinner i guess,but its ok..i felt the sadness evenmore today..knowing that he shall depart from KLIA tonite(and yet i blew off all the chances i got to meet him in person-i dreamt of taking good photos with him instead just autograph on a piece of paper,greedy me) and i'm gonna miss him evenmore!
please update any photos if u guys are going to see him off tonite k!

does anyone knows when and where the press conference will take place?really appreciate it,thanks...:)

i have been really not productive at work these two days,i know.

*actually i am the same girl as kinka_rocsta*


Ayumi said...

Hey, gals (& dudes ^)~*

Yesterday would have been perfect for 'Minho watching' around da hotel, Star Hills Gallery, Pavilion, etc.
..since it was his FREE day!

Today, he's gonna have a long day with press, Etude biz folks, checking out, etc.

Yesterday, he ate at Star Hills
(I think at Goryeo Won Kor restaurant) and
shopped at Star Hills + Pavilion!

As I told u, these two super-cool malls are only bout 100m away from the hotel - hope he dropped by the KLCC twin tower, too

There are only two Korean restaurants near his hotel -
One is 'Goryeo Won' at Starhills and the other is 'Da-on' at Pailion;
I told the owner of Daon to take good care of Minho when he comes there with his team.

They were big fans of BOF drama and
when my pals and I were dining there the day b4 yesterday, they were playing OST of the drama all the time.
Then, I told them Minho is here in town, and they got ecstatic..

Here's detailed story on 'Minho's Day 2' in Malaysia~

(yo, Lisa, I'm driving ton of traffic to ur site *wink*)

Day 2 of Lee Min Ho in Malaysia -->


P. S. Maybe we should make a fan club like MinozMalaysia, eh?

Ayumi said...

Oh, myhappyending, I didn't see ur posting b4 I sent the above message!

You should have also checked this board yesterday evening - wawa told us about the hotel name. Maybe u could have taken ur laptop!

As far as I know, the press conference is at the famous Luna Bar, 5-9pm or 6-9 pm - but only press people are invited.
If you have a friend....good luck, gal!

Ayumi said...

Actually, Lynn, me and Wawa were kinda playing 'guessing hotel name' and
Wawa had already hinted about the hotel at 2:19pm (Mariott and starting with JJJJJ)
before Lisa posted the hotel pic at 10 pm last nite in her updated blog ^^
but simply here there are too many messages..yo can easily overlook..sorry bout that!

.my happy ending said...

No don’t feel bad..those comments posted here had been helpful actually.let me tell u something actually I work at jln perak(building behind impiana&aquaria klcc) and supposedly I have all the easiest access to reach my dear LMH be it whether JW Marriot Hotel,or starhill,or pavi(my short form of pavilion-I go for lunch almost everyday there) or klcc or concorde—all in the same walking distance radius seriously!
So when I saw Lisa yap’s site she snapped a few photo teasers of LMH’s hotel,I started to look for these hotel in klcc/bbintang radius-not that hard,I just need to match these hotels’ interior photos to her clues:beige-glazed marble tiles at the lobby & the hanging mirror reflecting a door with artificial hybrid orchids on the wooden wardrobe),and I managed to narrowed the down into 4 hotels(2 hotels took orchids theme for their room decoration) but surprisingly I wanted to check out the Mandarin Oriental first since it’s the nearest and Mariah Carey did stay there for her last visit!and turned out-no couldn’t be that hotel.
Then I went to pavi to have lunch there,around1.30pm perhaps LMH mite bump into me hehe but I was just day-dreaming…
Then I checked out comments in k-popped and knew already which hotel started with JJJJJ—and only managed to get there around 8 something and caught a glimpse of that hottie-photographer I saw back in sg wang,knowing they were out together instead of waiting at the lobby with suspicios glare from the hotel’s attendants there,I walked across to pavilion to chill and checked out Da-on but he never was there,told by the lady at the I just enjoyed my night sight seeing walking along the pavilion pedestrian facing the JW Marriott hotel patiently hoping he will show up later.. until 11pm,I have to go back and waved a cab and went home…
Maybe luck wasn’t on my side,I accepted that.

*its hard to stalk like this alone,coz I work in an engineering company,basically I don’t have friends who interested to tag along for such cheesy(to them,not to me) matters like stalking a Korean artist for God sake!so eventho I am so enthusiastic in pursuing a stalker career,I am still not good enough!hehe..just not my luck..yet!

But anyways,I will cherish these crazy 3 days of having LMH around(exaggerating.i know!) with us..forever!,I want to go to Korea one day and get crazy again..but he will always be in my heart—our hearts,yeah!will pray for his best!!!

---Luna bar today,so near too,maybe can get a chance to see him at the entrance,maybe?hihi^_^

*I do agree we shud have our Mino fan-club!:)

Wawa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wawa said...

hahahahaha... LOL at d JJJJJJJJ word!!!

Kiki said... for MinHo at's pictures... For any of you who have facebook, to check more pictures! Forgive me i don't know how to upload those picture at here
But i am happy to share it with you guys~~ Hey, I am MinHo's fans girl, too! =)

Ayumi said...

Hey, guys, check out Lisa's update on Day 3 Minho in Malaysia:

She updated it last night at about 3:20 am, gosh!

More pics and stories are expected to be updated in her site sooner or later.
Thanks, Lisa - she's a very nice person. I met her last nite!

Will soon (maybe during lunch break) write about my 'Minho spotting in Bukit Bintang' saga report~
Yeah, I succeeded in seeing him in the near distance *FAINT*
It was out of this world!!!!!

Ayumi said...

'my happy ending', I've just read your long posting...awwww, hope you saw MH yesterday?!
+50 fans allegedly turned up last nite at the airport and saw MH off!
About that, also later~~

Ayumi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ayumi said...

Met 'elosoulonline' reporters + chief editor at the Luna Bar event last nite - they are such vibrant, spunky & cool people!

It's another hottest Korean pop/food/fashion site that was launched in mid-Oct.

They'll update press conference photos and stories soon.

Ayumi said...

Found out 'Minoz Malaysia' DOES exist! It's newly founded.

They have lively discussion in cari forum below...
(the discussion's in Malay lang. which I can't understand...:(


Ayumi said...

This is what Minoz Malaysia member wrote:

"good morning gals......back to work.
i'm still on cloud 9

he is the most handsome
he is the most gorgeous
he is the most polite
he is the most well mannered
he is the nicest
his smile is so warm and sincere
his gesture is so natural

thank you MINHO for coming to KL...

we, MINOZ MALAYSIA have the greatest fun, spending 3days 2&half nights with you.

thanks to all...reps from EH Malaysia (even though some were rude but later they treated us better), reps from EH Korea (for bringing him to KL), press crew (esp. to Kim Min Ssi and the gang), all the bodyguards (again...some were rude but later we became friends) and
last but not least minho's entourage from starhaus...
as usual his managers and stylist unni.

i'm missing him already

*wave to kiddie, may and amp...hope u gals got home safely.
** still sleepy..."

Ayumi said...

Lisa, the event organizer's comments on Minho:

"hie zitszack~~ actually not that near ah, got some distance too one hehehhe~
actually all of us depend on the translator most of the time, but he can understand english, so it makes thing easier at times too ^^

he loves his fans here in Malaysia a lot!!!
he even recognizes some of the faces!!! and he says the fans here are very polite, didn't push on each other badly, very friendly and lovely~~~~

he never expect such huge fan base here in Malaysia… very surprised and happy too of course~

he says Malaysia foods are great, esp crabs haha....

hey his press conference is at Luna Bar just now..
a lot of press came~ his flight is actually 12am, not 11pm, hehe now i can tell everything d ^^

yeah, i know u all surely gonna miss him a lot…

he is really humble and friendly, deserve such sweet fans like u all!!!

he has his own sweet time~
very enjoy and keep smiling, he usually seldom has the time to shopping in the malls, in KL, can see him happily putting up clothes/ hats/ scarfs etc…
very enjoy~
got fans recognize him, but before they go near to him, we go and talk to them, tel them let him has just an hour of his time, and all fans very nice lehh, all okay with it and go far far away… he didnt notice got ppl recognize him at all… so sweeet~~~~~~ i guess he has good days and nice memories in Malaysia~

ya, keep raining, we fetched him and ensure he didnt kena any drop of rain dont worry~ so nice lah!!!

he has such wonderful fans like u and others who care about him this much!!! i will try to update soon~~

nearly 3am d,
i go and take a bath now… den later come back, a short update first alright? too tired now.. more to come tomorrow night, after i back from work ^^
and his flight was at 12am just now~ brb, go bath 1st!...."

Ayumi said...

Hola, gals~

First of all, sorry for the long posting!

As I promised – here’s my one-day Minho hunting story begins *drum roll*

Pt 1:

I feel real guilty…..BUT took a half day off for this journey!

Went to JW Marriott hotel lobby at around 1pm.
There were some Minho crew and Etude Korea staff dealing with hotel counter.

Waited patiently for catching a glimpse of Minho and working at the same time with my laptop till around 4 pm at the lobby.

In the lobby, there were some Minoz Malaysia members, local event organizers, some fans from Thailand and Indonesia –
there were more fans the day before, but they’d flown back home due to their work.

When the girls went down the stairs at around 1:30pm, (which probably led to Starhill Galleries), I was so absorbed in doing my work..
but turned out they went to the 'Goryeo Won' Korean restaurant
cuz they got a phone call from Mino stalkers (!) that Minho and his crew are eating there!
H*ll, I missed him again..

These girls were saying they saw Mino up close and personal at the lobby (very small lobby) numerous times on 26th!

We heard a false report from some stalkers that Mino was already in Luna Bar at around 4 pm.

So some left, others stayed.

I went to Starbucks at Pavilion and continued my work.
Obviously, fans who stayed at the hotel lobby saw Minho leaving the hotel at around 5:30 pm!

They took a taxi and followed him to Luna Bar at Pacific regency hotel – owing to traffic jam, mino arrived at Pacific Regency hotel at around 6:20ish.

I, meanwhile went there at around 5:30 pm and met some new girls from Minoz Malaysia fan club and chatted.

Here again a false report from the hotel staff: he said Mino came to Luna bar already at 3 pm and we’ll have no chance of catching him at the lobby!!
So frustrated mino entrance to the hotel would be my only chance...
cuz the Luna Bar press conference was strictly for those who were invited.

It was past 6 pm 6:15, 6:18.... the PC was supposed to be held at 6 pm.
Buuuuuuut, we just waited, waited and waited.
Then, finally, a white ban arrived and mino crew all got out!
Great sign!
And then a black ban arrived; although it was coated, I could catch a glimpse of Mino and Lisa yap perched in the seats!^^

They got thru the small lobby door heavily guarded by rough body guards.
OMG, saw him in the very near distance.
Green shirt looked real great on him..
In person, he’s like 1000times better looking than in videos or in photos! Flawless.

But he appeared very conscious of fans there, shy and didn’t have eye contact with fans...I saw a little bit trace of Goo Jun Pyo, haha

Heard from Minoz Malaysia before events happen, he’s usually a bit stiff and nervous.
But afterwards, he usually gets very relaxed and smiley.
Maybe he’s a professional!

Waited in the lobby till the press conference finishes.

Spotted miss Lisa Yap at the hotel lobby counter; I approached her and asked her to pass the letter I wrote in Korean (Am mixed - Kor/Jap) and German ‘sport’ chocolates to Minho.
She said she wouldn’t be sure if she could pass it to him but she’d try!

In the letter, I wrote many great things about Malaysia so that he would be in the mood for coming back.
I think I mentioned about mega sales carnival, too. ^^

Reporters got out..some of whom interviewed us – we gave lots of info to 'The Star'.
Happened to meet 'elosoulonline' reporters and the Editor in Chief (as I mentioned previously)

All the reporters left at around 9:30 but no sign of Mino.

(continuted at Pt 2)

Ayumi said...

Pt 2:

Some stalkers called Minoz Malaysia members in the lobby that Mino is not in the special strictly guarded closed conference room but now chillin’ at the poolside IN the Luna Bar!!

Some event organizers tried to enter but
the bouncer still won’t let them in.
So I took them again there, trying to be nice/feminine, but appearing professional.
The bouncer let us in!!!

As soon as we enter there, we saw Mino, makeup/stylist lady, manager drinking, and just relaxing in the V.I.P. corner!!
But they were flanked by the body guards clad in black outfits.

We sat at the opposite table.

Across us & Mino, there was only da swimming pool, ha!
Usually am crazy bout swimming but at that moment wished it would disappear.

But the ambience, moon-lit pool, chillout beachouse music, KL night scene with twin towers in the background was perrrfect!
Am sure Mino must have enjoyed it all - they were served with nice food and drinks also.
It totally felt like a dreeeeaaaam!

Lisa recognized me and approached me – she said she handed the letter to Minho!
Wow~ My mission succeeded!

We called girls down there about all this – and they were pleasantly surprised.
They soon joined us – imagaine girls in headscarves entering the bar lounge.

The girls were saying it was their first time EVER to be at a bar, haha.

What kind of courage it takes to take them there?! Their love for Mino of course.
You, go, girls~
One of the girls walked towards Mino’s VIP table..and Mino beckons her to come…but bouncers prevent her from doing that!

So between like 9:35~10:10 we chilled at the Luna Bar with Mino!

Photograhin was not allowed for their privacy (since it was originally arranged for Mino and the crew’s relaxation…)

Mino lit a cigarette and smoked and sometimes looked at our direction!! So mesmerizing!
His makeup/stylist friend cheekily put her head on Mino’s lap and the fans looked like wanting to k*ll her, haha.
It was just a joke on her part to tease us!

At around 10:10pm the crew got up and left for the elevator,
again we had a real close view of Mino.
He looked at us and blew his trademark ice cream smile and when the elevator opened, they got in.

While waiting for the ele door to be closed, mino again smiled at us – he looked very different from when we saw b4 he event started!

Some fans got absolutely craaaazy and waited the other elevator door to be open and
When it’s open, they rushed to their cars to follow Mino to the airport~
Gosh, they didn’t even say good-bye to me!
But I understand that, gals...I already told them I wouldn’t join him to the airport.

The airport story according to Minoz Malaysia member:

In Taiwan and Singapore, Mino was heavily guarded and he was a bit shy and fans couldn’t approach him close.

BUT last night, at KLIA airport, although it was very late, he was in the very good mood, made eye contact with almost everyone there and even shook hands with some of them!!
Over 50 fans turned up at the airport.

One of the Minoz Malaysia fans had asked me while waiting what I say ‘pervert’ in Korean.

I told her it’s ‘byun-tae’ and she obviously exclaimed to him, ‘Mino oppa, byun-tae!’ while he shook hands with her!
At that, mino laughed hard~~

He’ll probably remember Malaysian girls not only as well-behaved, cute and friendly but also having a great sense of humor!

So this is the end of my story…I wrote this like in warp speed. Sorry for some possible typos.

Actually, I really sympathize with Minho..back in Korea, he can’t even go to a convenient store cuz everyone will not leave him alone.

He didn’t mean to be this popular; besides, he’s a blood-type A, very shy one (sorry, Koreans/Japanese believe in this sort of shit, hehe).
Hope he enjoyed hopping around KL, shopping, food, etc.

Next time he comes here, I wish he would experience great Malaysian nature; beaches, highlands, mountains, and jungles!

The End

kinka_rocsta said...

phew!awesome story,ayumi!!!!i feel for u...i like reading it a lot,surely u'll be sleeping with big smile for the rest of the week/month!!!ooaaahhh...i'm melting listenin to ur experience eventho i cudnt make it my own..but i agreed with u,we all malaysian fans of MinHo had proved to him and other Korean stars there that we are such a frenly-loving fans!!!he shall find more beautiful things abt Malaysian and the ppl for his next visit,surely!!owh,i hope he can rest well by now over jetlag..and stay beautiful..and stay as Lee Min Ho whom we always adore!!!

ayumi,can i be your blog fren?
how to sign up for Minoz malaysia?

*nice knowing new+sweet frens like u guys from MinHo incident,see ya around!:)

Ayumi said...

>>phew!awesome story,ayumi!!!!i feel for u...i like reading it a lot,surely u'll be sleeping with big smile for the rest of the week/month!!!<<<

kinka rocsta, how r u doing, girl?!

Haha, actually, I kept rerunning my time at the Luna Bar in bed
I was sleepless all nite.

Probably slept 1 or 2 hrs, hehe

If you once get to see LMH in person, you can't stop thinking bout him and suddenly develop formidable uncontrollable (!) desire to wanna stalk him!:)

I've never done that with any other celebs b4 *sigh*

>>ooaaahhh...i'm melting listenin to ur experience eventho i cudnt make it my own.<<

Yeah, now that Minoz Malaysia Does exist, you should definitley join the fan club!
(Maybe contact one of the writers in cari forum above)

These girls are very smart (studies/works hard),
speaks Korean well, knows everything that's going on in Kor entertainment industry and above all, soo much fun!

I defintely think Minho enjoyed his private time he couldn't have in Korea here in KL...

Who knows?
He might secretly come here for shopping during 'Mega sales carnival' or beach/jungle hopping (which I recommended in my letter)!

Sorry, I don't have a blog...If i make one in da future, will let you know!
Oops, gotta get back to work (maybe after having some java)

juejiang said...

hi gals ^^
im of the committee of Minoz Malaysia Fanclub..

glad to read there are so many love for Lee Min Ho here in Malaysia ^^

if u r interested to be our member, please do visit our new website n register. It is still under construction but it will be ready in no time..kindly do join us n let us show our love toward Min Ho-sshi ^^ this is not for us, this for him, our beloved LEE MIN HO..

come join us n lets have fun there..the merrier the better..hehe..may b after the website is better construct, we can share our stories there about his last visit that day ^^ there are so much to share..

cant wait to see u gals there ^^

raihanah said...

~thanks juejiang~

i have registered it...

i'm minozian-minozmalaysia..

hope it always will be update and active!!!

Bellie said...

Wow! Minho's visit to Malaysia sounds really exciting! Lisa yap is so lucky and she seems like a real nice person! :)

I'm from Singapore and managed to attend his fan meet in Singapore! :)

Many photos and details on my blog:

Totally agree that Lee Minho is extremely good looking in person and a really nice guy! ^_^ Love him! :)

Ayumi said...

Bellie, you blog totally ROCKS!!!
U r also one lucky gal~

Bellie said...

Thanks, Ayumi! :) You are Kor/Jap? That's so cool! I try blogging in Korean and/or Japanese here and there... hope I don't make too many mistakes! hee...
Awesome that u got to pass a letter to him! I was thinking of passing him a letter too, but didn't write one in the end somehow.. wish i had! ^_^

Ayumi said...

>>I try blogging in Korean and/or Japanese here and there... hope I don't make too many mistakes! hee...<<

You've been doing a terrific job, gal~

>>Awesome that u got to pass a letter to him! I was thinking of passing him a letter too, but didn't write one in the end somehow.. wish i had! ^_^<<

I was REALLY lucky, actually...Mainly recommended him where to go for sightseeing and eating in Kuala Lumpur
(originally had written it on 25th, but ended up giving it on 27th, hehe).

Let's hope he'll come again! Definitely Minho will be going to Singapore; then he might drop by Malaysia, too as it's so near~

Bellie said...

고마워! ㅋㅋ ^-^

haha.. wow.. hopefully he'll go to KL after reading your letter to do all those things u mentioned! and then he can drop by Singapore too! :)

>>Definitely Minho will be going to Singapore; then he might drop by Malaysia, too as it's so near<<

He will be coming to Singapore again??
haha.. really hope he visits Singapore (and Malaysia too!) again! I still can't get over his trip here! haha.. it's like the more u see him, the more u wanna see him.. hee.. ^^


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