Friday, 23 October 2009

Wonder Girls & JYP after Jo Bros tour

Wonder Girls & JYP at press conference in Korea

JYP's Wonder Girls are back in Korea after 7 months in the US. After a wonderful experience touring parts of the United States and Canada as the opening act for the Jonas Brother, they are now back in Korea and held a press conference on the 23 October. The Wonder Girls' popularity in Korea rose after their first solo concert in March 2009. After a very successful stint in the States, Park Jin-young (or better known as JYP), head of JYP Entertainment is now very proud of his girls. JYP revealed that he intends to take the girls' career in the States further, but has no immediate plans for the Korean market.

Here are a couple of questions from the press conference:

What was the first thing the girls wanted to do when they returned to Korea?

They wanted to eat good ole authentic Korean food! Ye-eun wanted to eat dwen-jang jiggae for breakfast while So-hee asked her dad to make miso soup.

What are the Wonder Girl's plans for the future?

According to JYP, his girls will be appearing in leading U.S. newspapers and magazines in November 2009. They will also be interviewed on television programs. Next year, there are plans to make a regular album in the United States. JYP says that there is no artiste in the states doing the "retro singer" concept.

Looking fresh and hip after their 7 month stint in the USA

Oh i miss my kimchi stew...

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