Saturday, 3 October 2009

Soondae, Bossam & Jokbal promotion at Korean BBQ Han Sung Restaurant

Excuse us Muslim friends, this is a very un-halal entry. 미안합니다 ;-).

Alrighty pork eaters, we have a “heaven-on-earth” dish for you. What would you say to a platter of porky delight?

If you say, “Yessss! Show me the piggy, Babe” you’re in for a fantastic treat at Korean BBQ Han Sung restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas.

Autumn promotion: A variety of Korean pork cuisine
on one platter

The autumn promotion features a three-in-one pork platter that consists of soondae (순대), bossam (보쌈) and jokbal (족발). Typically, the pork dishes are sold separately at Korean restaurants.

Pork platter: (Clockwise from the top) Jokbal, Soondae, Bossam
& Soondae

“We’ve decided to offer the three dishes in one platter,” says Daisy Choi, public relations manager of Han Sung. “The Bossam is actually good for women’s complexion,” she adds.

Liz fumbles with Korean: 'So it's spelled 돼-지-고-기 (dwaeji-gogi = pork)

So what’s exactly in each dish?
  • Soondae – pig’s intestines stuffed with mixed vegetable and glass noodles. The blood sausages are then boiled and steamed.
  • Bossam – slices of steamed pork that should be eaten wrapped in lettuce. It is accompanied by a condiment called ssamjang.
  • Jokbal – pig’s knuckles cooked in soya sauce and spices.
The three-in-one platter costs RM80 and the special offer at Han Sung is only until the end of November 2009.

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Anonymous said...

Yessssss show me the piggy, babe!!" OMG that looks good!! (My next trip to Asia you will have to show me this place!

Vic in Long Beach, CA

Liz said...

Heh heh, sure Vic. We will gladly tell you where it is :-).

Haxim said...

well then, any halal korean restaurant available in malaysia ?


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