Saturday, 3 October 2009

Canadian Cassiopeia will Always Keep The Faith

As the fate of popular boyband TVXQ hangs in the balance, fans of the quintet (a.k.a Cassiopeia) rallied together for their Always Keep The Faith project.

Gotta have faith: Will the TVXQ boys stay together?

For those not in the know, three out of the five boys are in a legal tussle with their management company SM Entertainment (SME).

Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and Hero Jaejoong have filed an application to terminate all exclusive rights SME has over them (good luck, boys!).

Feel the love!: Fans encourage the TVXQ boys

Naturally, there are rumours of the boys breaking up. This has caused the Cassiopeia family to initiate Always Keep The Faith to encourage their beloved Hallyu singers, as well as to show their belief that the band will stay together.

The Canadian Cassiopeia have created the rather touching video clip below. Check it out!

Source: TVXQ 2 Canada

TVXQ members sue SM Entertainment



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