Sunday, 8 November 2009

Han Ye-seul sizzles at the 46th Grand Bell Awards

Stop the press, who’s that?

The lady in red is...

...none other than Miss Han Ye-seul

Han Ye-seul (Couple or Trouble) heated up the red carpet at the 46th Grand Bell Awards on Nov 6 when she stepped out in a long, off-shoulder, chilli red ensemble. Mamma Mia!

The 27-year-old actress was the host for the night, along with SBS announcer Choi Ki-hwan. Han bagged the Best Actress Award last year for Miss Gold Digger.

Host and hostess: Han (right) outshines
her co-host Choi Ki-hwan. Dude, don't you think
your suit is a little too tight?

According to an article by The Korea Times, many famous stars were missing from this year’s event. Apart from that, many were not thrilled with the winners.

Blockbuster flicks such as Haeundae and Mother didn’t win any of the more prestigious awards. Even actress Ha Ji-won, who appeared in two of South Korea’s biggest films – Haeundae and Closer to Heaven – wasn’t nominated.

Disappointing news aside, let's check out the other Korean beauties who attended the event.

Black beauty: Jeon Se-hong entices in
her ensemble

Lovely: Hong Su-hyeon looks
sexy in this sheath of a dress

Fairy: Park Bo-young goes all feminine
in this frilly piece

Cutie-pie: Yoona of Girls Generation waves
shyly to the crowd

Mermaid dress: Kim Min-seon relives her childhood
dream of being a little mermaid

Dull: Su Ae, who bagged the Best Actress trophy for Sunny,
doesn't look much like sunshine on the red carpet :-P

Elegant: Lee Young-eun looks stunning
in a Grecian-inspired dress

Source: Hankooki

Stars at the 45th Daejong Awards in Seoul


Ayumi said...

I like HYS's look - if yo wanna get noticed, definitely go for RED and reveal lots of flesh, LOL

Although the color's quite bold, I love the fact that she didn't use ANY accessory and wears simple makeup.
Quite refreshing!

My second fav look is Lee Young-eun's elegant gown~

BTW, quite shocking 'Mother' didn't get any awards...
Kim hye-ja recently won the best actress award at some Chinese international film award.

It's almost like a conspiracy, ha!
Her acting (especially the dancing scene in the barley field) was so haunting I'd never forget...for the rest of my life
(Even Tarantino praised bout her at the Cannes Film Festival this year!)

Anonymous said...

Ayumi, She is totally YUMMIE!!

Vic in Long Beach, CA

Ayumi said...

For me, not LOL - Just had lunch and since I'm a female ^^
Yo, dude, gotta admit she's stunning..It'll be hard not to look ch**p in such a dress!

Her stylist must have studied the look a lot; she's wearing no accessories - no ring, no braclet, no earrings, no necklace...absolutely NOTHING..even no watch~
And with this firy red dress, absolutely no no with matchy red lipstick!
Can learn from her look~

The look screams 'innocence' while
Scarlet Johanson's this red dress is totally hot.

|| Lyññ || said...

The make-up trend in Korea now I think is all about having the natural look... look as if you're not wearing any make-up at all... Some can pull it off but others just look plain dull... e.g. Jo An in in a KBS drama... when she didn't have lipstick on in the first 10s of eps, she looked really dull... but then I like her!! She's so cute =)

Yey Yoona~~

Ayumi said...

|| Lyññ || said...

>>the make-up trend in Korea now I think is all about having the natural look...Some can pull it off but others just look plain dull...<<
Exactly~ HYS can pull it off..but not everyone can!
If the makeup trend in dramas is like that, nearly every woman in Korea imitates the natural look.
If you get to see too many dull faces covered with baseball caps and big earrings, it gets kinda boring..
On the other hand, many hip youngsters nowadays experiment with extreme smokey-eye look copied from Brown-eyed girls; there are tons of 'how-to-do' videos on da Korean Web, LOL.
What Korean gals miss in fashion is in terms of 'identity', 'variety' and 'uniqueness'.

Blaise said...

Damn, that IS a TIGHT suit for the guy!


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