Thursday, 5 November 2009

Jang Dong Gun is single no more!

Jang Dong Gun and Ko So-young are an item and have been dating for two years

Just when i thought Jang Dong Gun would remain a bachelor forever, news breaks that he's no longer eligible!

Jang Dong-gun (37) and actress/model Ko So-young (37) have been dating for 2 years! Talk about keeping things hush hush. In a press release, Jang mentioned that they met while working together in the two-minute film Love Wind Love Song (연풍연가) way back in 1999. They were the best of friends for a long time before becoming a couple. Although Jang was prompted to announce a wedding date, he said that the date has not been decided yet but promised to reveal the good news later.

Jang Dong Gun is currently working on the film Good Morning President while Ko So-young last appeared in the 2007 drama Blue Fish.

Ko So-young debuted in the 1994 film "Forbidden" and at that time, she was close to actor Jung Woo-sung. Ko recently appeared on Olive TV's documentary and visited children with HIV in Cambodia.

The pair met when they were filming Love Wind Love Song in 1999

Sources: Newsen, Sports Seoul

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Liz said...

Awww...good for him :-).

Serene said...

Liz, I second that

The girl's lower profile looks like Kelly Chen (lips and chin)

Ayumi said...

Her face changed sooo much I can't recognize her!
She used to be pretty before...and was a good actress.

So sad that many Korean actors/actresses, once they've acquired wealth, they don't seem to work;
Go So-young is more known nowadays as owning some US$10 million buildings in Gangnam than as an actress.

There's a rumor that they will tie their knots next month!
Congrats, JDG and GSO~

Orchid said...

Yes, i am happy for Jang Dong Gun too. Now, for his friends...Hyun Bin and Joo Jin Moo...especially JJM. When is he going to get hitched.

varms said...

She's that funny lady in the movie Project Makeover! All the best... It's good to see all these actors, who you'd think were never gonna settle down, do just that. (e.g. Kwon Sang Woo) Hmmm, what about Song Seung Hun?


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