Saturday, 28 November 2009

Rain poses for ALLURE Korea (in his Ninja Assassin form)

I love playing Raizo because he's sexy

Rain (real name Jung Ji-hoon) appears in a fashion spread for ALLURE Korea, December 2009 issue. The Korean World Star appears in his "Ninja Assassin" form. He boasts a very sculptured physique with 0% body fat! How to achieve that? Lots of exercise and a daily diet of boiled chicken breasts says Rain.

Ninja Assassin is currently been screen in cinemas. It's Rain's Hollywood debut (in a lead role). So tell us, what do you think of the movie? Did Rain do well? Was there too much blood? We love to know what you think!

Since New Moon (Twilight Part 2) is also screening in cinemas right now, which would you opt to watch first? Ninja vs Vampire!!!

Although my pants are super tight, i can squat like so...i'm so sexy

Raizo (all covered in blood and grime) in action

Pics credit:, BreakNews

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Ayumi said...

Haha, you could play guitar on those packs, LOL. Thanks, Orchid, for da nice photos!

As a hard-core martial arts flick otaku, I REALLY loved 'Ninja Assassin' I saw yesterday!!
According to 'daum', the flick is currently at American Box Office No. 3!!
The outcome is amazing, given the fact that NA was released only at bout 2500 theaters in the U.S.
Through words of mouth, it could hit No 2, who knows?!

Box office No. 1 is, as you guessed, "New Moon", which I also can't wait to watch...This is like new Harry Potter..

Ninja Assassin is said to be appealing to 17~35 year-old American males, who are not that interested in Robert P. ^^
The begining of the film is a bit cheesy, but it gets better and better.
As for the storyline, can't help it coz it's based on the Jap comics...the blood looks fake so it didn't scare me actually, hehe

CNN recently praised Rain as even better than Bruce Lee - if you chck out the film, everyone will think so, too.
The last scene of NA definitely seems to promise sequels.
I am sooo happy for the fact that a cool, sexy, powerful and charismatic Asian iconic idol is to be born in Hollywood for the first time in film history (after Bruce Lee passed away); Asians have been portrayed kinda negatively (either as gangsters or some sort of villains) in American films..

Some of the last fighting scenes are like 'Bruce Lee meets Matrix'!!
Took my breath away; the cinematography is super-hip and fantastic..I was like sitting at the tip of my seat the whole time!
Sooo cool and Rain's body's freakin' unrealistically hot.

Rain's in HK now to give a gig as part of "Legend of Rainism" Asian tour(28, 29) and then off to Jakarta; then, he'll have a fan meeting on Dec 5 in Japan.

Right after the fan meeting, he'll fly to Korea, where he'll reportedly be greeted by thousands of fans and media to congratulate on his success in Hollywood.
BTW, for fans in U.S., he will be giving a solo concert at Cesar's Palace in Las Vegas on Dec 24th and 25th.
Have a groovy weekend~!

아이스Aiseu said...

well..i won't be watching new moon coz i didn't watch nor did i read the course i prefer ninja assassin...actually its violent because of how they fight...the action...the blood is less of the issue here...well, if the blood and the body slicing scenes are to be too realistic, i think the movie will definitely be banned.

Orchid said...

hey Ayumi, thanks for the Rain update. So he will be working on Christmas too?

Liz said...

Hee hee, yeah Ayumi, thanks for the Rain update. Does that mean I can't have a turkey dinner with Rain on Christmas? *bawls her eyes out* :-P

southerngirl said...

oh.. Energizer Bunny's face looks so thin in the first pic. =( looks like he is under so much stress.. but his body looks rock hard. (yummy. haha.)
thanks ayumi for the Rain update. (^^;)

borgy said...

im drooling all over my laptop now.. it's impressive to see him SOOOO hardworking. his work ethic is phenomenal!

maybe ill join his Korean fans 'congratulating him on his success in Hollywood'. haha!

btw, k-popped, thank you so much for the articles on your trip to seoul. it really helped me on how to organise my trip there. my flight is tomorrow. please pray for my safety. kamsahamnida!

luv_addict29 said...

My best friend and I saw it the night it premiered. We had the longest school day ever,we were so excited.
We missed the first showing so we had to watch the second showing. I was surprised that a lot of people were in the theater. Of course my best friend and I drooled over Rain.
But this movie was really good. I was impressed. I hope it does well and it will lead to more roles in Hollywood for Rain. ^^

Ayumi said...

Yeah, Orchid, amazing, isn't it?According to a Korean site, his schedule is like that!!! Bi's like a workaholic, hehe
Hope he'll take a good care of himself and not catch SI (when his immune system might be low)..^^

>>Hee hee, yeah Ayumi, thanks for the Rain update. Does that mean I can't have a turkey dinner with Rain on Christmas?<<
My pleasure, LIz~ Haha, maybe sometime when he's around KL, you could invite him for an interview with 'k-popped' (just like 'koreanb beacon') and have dinner together some day*WINK*!

Have a nice weekend, gals! Am off to Frim (now for hiking)~

Ayumi said...

>>thanks ayumi for the Rain update. (^^;)
Southerngal, thanks for da nice words!

Orchid said...

@southerngirl ROCK HARD is right!!!

goodvibe said...

You know him & Joon didnt do that bad of a job in the movie. I was really surprised. The plot sucked but action sequences..effin awesome.

Tashna said...

Hate the twilight mania and would so love to see Ninja Assassin instead. My brother saw it and said it was a good action flick. =)

despairlost said...

ow!!!!!! omfg! Rain is totaly sexy now more than ever! i liked it! ow!

k9vc said...

Well, if there's anything good to come from this, it has to be that he hasn't been spotted prancing around in that odd line of clothing of his lately. So this is an improvement!

Vic in Long Beach, CA

patchouli said...

umm yeah, nice jacket,'s getting hot in here ;)


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