Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Kpop Convention in the Philippines on Dec 5

They’re taking their online presence into the real world. Who are "they"? We’re talking about Kpop fans in the Philippines, folks.

These dedicated fans are all set for at the first ever Philippines Kpop Convention to be held at 3/F Starbazaar, Starmall Alabang.

Happenin': Make this big, people

The event, which is made possible by the cooperation of the various Kpop fan clubs in the Philippines, is in aid of Gawad Kalinga, a non-profit organisation that provides homes to the less fortunate.

The 5-hour programme will have Kpop performances, Kosplay (whoo hoo!), K-star singing and dancing contests and stand-up Komedy (can I be a judge? I could use a good laugh :-P). On top of that, there's...wait for it...the First Philippine Kpop Awards!

Many (Kpop) fan clubs will be represented at the convention. The FCs will have their own booths so if you fancy a star and want to be a part of the "family", just sashay on up to the booth and sign up as a member. There are also goodies on sale, so be there…or be square :-P.

The event will be hosted by Kring Elenzan and a surprise celebrity host! For the latest on this happenin’ convention, go to: http://kpopcon.info.

Fans to organise The First Philippine Kpop Convention


jehan said...

wow! this is really interesting. i only came to realize how Filipinos are into K-pop when i watched Arirang's coverage of Pops in Seoul in Manila...

Orchid said...

Hey, readers from the Philippines...do tell us how the convention goes. Also, please send us pictures okay?
(Go to our "About Us" page to find our our email address!)


southerngirl said...

Wow, I am so going!!! Looking forward to it!


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