Monday, 14 December 2009

Brown Eyed Girls at Seoul’d Out 2009 in Singapore

So, were you at Fort Canning Park on Dec 12? Was the Seoul’d Out 2009 celebration up to your expectations?

Annyeonghaseyo Singapore!: The Brown Eyed Girls
greet fans in the Lion City

Do share you experiences with us if you were there to catch the Brown Eyed Girls (BEG), F.T. Island, T-Max and Mario live.

Throw your hands in the air: 'We will, we will rock ya!'

For those who missed the event, check out these pictures of BEG from demonbyte. Makes you just wanna go Abracadabra, doesn’t it?

Delightful: Hip-shaking magic on stage

Music: 'Let us entertain you.'

Sexy: 'Push that tush'

Sources: demonbyte & soulture


|| Lyññ || said...

man do they look awesome!! I WISHED I was there...

timahtians said...

one of my friend went to the event.. huhu.. I'm so jealous of her..

Cherylynn said...

Hey, I was at the Seoul Out Festival. It was crowded with people. The performance by T-Max, FT Island and Brown Eyed Girls were great and awesome.

Arin said...

yeah, I went to the event with my siblings and cousin. Well, it was great! FT Island ruled the night. It was a good venue and it wasn't that hectic. Overall, I had fun! ;)

How I wish the same event could be held in Malaysia too. huhu

hk said...

Yesss......i was there...what an awesome nite....and of course because of my fav dongsaeng...ft island!!!!...see you in Bangkok nx year!!!!!!!

Jay said...

enjoyed it! the queue was ridiculously longgg so my friend n i were the last ones to go in.

all the performers put on a great show. T-Max was especially energetic! they won me over ;)

lee jisu serenaded us with his ballads n although he's been under the radar, im sure he'd gain loads more fans from this.

FT island sounds really good live n they look exactly like how to they on tv n utube! jonghun is sooo beautiful!

BEG! miryo's english is good. they got all the uncles excited ;d

i liked the venue cos it's not big n we were able to see the artistes clearly. sound was great but they should do a bigger n brighter screen next time.

~lyne~ said...

dang i was in singapore and i missed that.


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