Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Korean tracks on your iPhone

Now you can listen to the latest Korean hits on your iPhone!

The Korean Association of Phonogram Producers (KAPP) announced that it will provide Korean tunes for worldwide iPhone and iPod users through Apple’s i-Tunes store. Hallelujah.

Amazing: The iPhone - everyone wants one :-P

“This is the first time that Korea’s digital music content, approximately 170,000 songs, will be available through a global music service site like i-Tunes,” said Lee Deok-yo, President of KAPP.

The service will be launched before the end of the year and download price is set at the current i-Tunes price – US$0.99 per song and US$9.90 per album.

iTunes: Shop for Korean tracks soon!

Apart from that, there will be a special promotion for regions where there is high demand for Korean music.

Awesome. I can’t wait.

Source: soulture & Asia Economy


Orchid said...

Whoa my sister is turning into a techie with her iPhone!!!

Liz said...

iPhone is da bomb. I'm playing Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition on my iPhone. I'm stuck at Level 4 - operating on the bipolar Bear. Har har har.


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