Saturday, 26 December 2009

Free DramaFever Premium Account for K-popped! readers


Are you residing in the US or Canada and love ‘em K-dramas? If you answered yes, the good news is K-popped! has six, yes, SIX DramaFever Premium accounts to give away!

Now showing: All In is currently playing at DramaFever

Uh-huh, no kidding. All you have to do is write in to Entitle your e-mail: All I Want for Christmas is DramaFever!

In the e-mail, give us your:

Valid "snail mail" address:
Reason(s) why you love K-popped!:

The first 6 readers (residing in the US/Canada) who send in a complete e-mail will be given instructions on how to obtain a FREE one-year subscription of DramaFever’s Premium account.

Already a DramaFever account holder? No sweat, get this one-year upgrade (worth US$39.99) free!

Dramas galore: The selection of K-dramas at DramaFever

DramaFever has fast, high quality videos that are professionally subtitled in English. On top of that, Premium account holders will have access to commercial-free dramas as well as faster access!

All dramas at the site are streamed legally as the founders have licensed the dramas directly from the Korean broadcasting companies. However, the license obtained by the site only covers the USA and Canada. Thus, readers residing in other countries – like Malaysia – will not be able to access the dramas.

Merry Christmas!

Americans and Canadians get DramaFever

SBS dramas at DramaFever


Contest said...

As of 8.08pm Malaysia time, we have four (4) recipients of the DramaFever Premium Account giveaway!

Please follow the instructions to the T, title your email correctly, otherwise you won't get it. ~ Liz

Cuddly Family said...

*jealous* :(


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