Monday, 21 December 2009

Honey Lee spreads Christmas cheer with Mom and sis

Honey Lee is going back to her roots this Christmas!

The beauty queen turned actress, who is a bona fide gayageum (12-string traditional Korean instrument) player, will be holding a concert at the National Center for the Traditional Performing Arts on Dec 25.

Family ties: Meet South Korea's fav gayageum players
from left Lee Seul-gi, Moon Jae-sook and Honey Lee (Lee Hanui)

The 26 year old will share the stage with her Mom and elder sister. Yes folks – it’s all in the family.

Lee’s mama, Moon Jae-sook, is not only a professor of traditional Korean music at Ewha Womans University, she is also an “intangible cultural asset” for her (mad) skillz on the gayageum.

Meanwhile, Lee’s sister Lee Seul-gi graduated with a degree in Korean traditional music from Seoul National University. She has since released 3 albums: The Song of String, In the Green CafĂ©? and Blossom, and have performed at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, KBS Hall, the University of California and even Carnegie Hall.

On Christmas Day, the trio will entertain the crowd with a fusion of traditional and modern music to celebrate the Yuletide season. Their playlist includes The Beatles’ Let It Be, Baek ji-young’s Don’t Forget and Christmas carols such as White Christmas.

Mmm hmm, it will be a happy Christmas indeed. Ho ho ho!

Source: The Korea Times

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Anonymous said...

IIRC Honey Lee was the 2007 Miss Korea. And she is one cutie. Do you girls have a photo of that instrument? (It is hard to look things up from Romanizationed words.)

Vic in Long Beach, CA

Anonymous said...

Ooh! That's very nice~ ^-^

Btw, k9vc - you can just type 'gayageum' into Google images and you'll see how the instrument looks like~


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