Monday, 28 December 2009

Joo Jin-mo talks about depression on Christmas Eve

Oh, poor baby.

Joo Jin-mo was heard talking about depression over the airwaves of SBS Power FM (107.7MHz) on Dec 24. He was talking to DJ Gong Hyung-jin, who is a good friend, in the programme Gong Hyung-jin’s Cinema Town.

Happy: 'I was depressed once, but now I'm euphoric! Laughing gas
ain't called laughing gas for nuthin'.'

Joo, who made his acting debut in the movie Dance Dance (1999), has since become one of Hallyuwood’s most wanted actors.

The Frozen Flower actor playfully complained to DJ Gong: “Did you have to call me on Christmas Eve?”

Gong replied: “You have nothing to do at home anyway, don’t you?”

During the show, the eligible 35 year old revealed that among the movies he has worked on so far, A Love (directed by Kwak Gyung-taek) was the only one where he personally approached the director for the role because he liked it so much. (Read A Love review here!)

He also had this to say about his career lull in 2003: “The work I've been preparing for have either been delayed or cancelled and I fell into depression. That was the hardest time in my career.”

Let bygones be bygones, oppa.

Joo is currently looking forward to his latest project.

“I am training hard for No Enemies, inspired by the Hong Kong box office hit A Better Tomorrow.

“For me, acting has always been about doing my best, and I always try to show a different side of me to viewers,” he added.

No Enemies is scheduled for a 2010 release.

Source: Newsen with translations by Joe Gimm :-)

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Orchid said...

I hope Joo Jin Moo oppa finds a girlfriend soon. He sounds lonely.

Blaise said...

This is unbelievable. I'm sure there are lots of crazy fans out there but similarly there are plenty of nice women who are just waiting for him to take his pick.

C'mon Jin-moo oppa! Jinja, jeongmal, neomu saranghae!


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