Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Kim Eun-jung & Ha Ju-yeon in Nail Up!

These “newbies” are currently the oldest members of Jewelry since seniors Park Jung-ah and Seo In-young left to further their respective solo careers.

Cheers!: To new beginnings :-)

Kim Eun-jung (left) and Ha Ju-yeon will be gracing the January 2010 cover of nail glossy, Nail Up!

The pair is seen as Party Girls – no doubt kissing 2009 goodbye and welcoming 2010 with a bang.

Music: 'Some reggae, please.'

Dolled up: 'Yeah, all this for that natural look.'

The girls were interviewed about their future plans now that two of the group’s original members said hasta la vista to the band. While they are sad to see Park and Seo leave, they will just have to bite the bullet and move on.

All the best, girls. Go for that hit...one more time :-P.

Just the two of us: 'Can't wait to work with our new members.
Now they will be the ones to carry our shoes around.'

Source: Newsen

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