Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Han Eun-jung hosts Olive News

Actress Han Eun-jung (South Korean Lawyers, Full House) has been chosen to host a women’s lifestyle programme for the Olive channel.

Hostess with the mostest: Han Eun-jung is ready to share
fashion and beauty tips with the ladies

A press conference was held today (Jan 13) at the CJ E&M Center in Seoul at 2pm. The 29 year old plans to “change the lives of women within 60 minutes” with her show called Olive News.

Trends: 'Yes, we will check out the latest which
plastic surgeon gives the best service.'

The programme is aimed at the chic, urban woman who is into fashion and beauty. Olive News airs every week on Friday at 11pm. It starts broadcasting in South Korea on Jan 15.

Hey, wait a minute. The show airs every Friday at 11pm? Wouldn’t the target audience be out clubbing and living it up at that time? Oh dear, who will tune in then?

Heart: 'Show me some love, please.'

Source: Newsen

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