Friday, 8 January 2010

Hyun-ah’s Change MV

Alrighty, since it has been unleashed on the web, we might as well put it up.

Hyun-ah’s (pic above) much-talked about solo single Ch-Ch-Ch-Change is a sassy and sexy dance number where the 4Minute member is heard repeating lyrics lyrics lyrics.

To watch watch watch the video hit the play play play button below.

Do you like like like it?


Hyun Ah of 4 minute shows Change


Anonymous said...

Hey girls !

Pardon my French, but I thought the video was kinda skanky.

I dont mind booty shaking and skanky dance moves and all that - I'm from Brazil, so I am used to that - but it just took me off guard to see her doing that ! Weird !

Having said that,I gotta say the beat is really good. I think this may end up in my MP3 player.

Liz said...

Hee hee, Luana V. thanks for sharing your observations.

Yeah, I agree that it's kinda skanky. Ah well, sex sells.


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